Template Builder

Template Builder tool assists/equips your creativity to design customised email templates through our limitless design blueprints.

Simple. Powerful. Do It Yourself.
Email Template BuilderChoose a template blueprint. Customise the blueprint unique to your requirements.

  • Smart Image Editor: A built-in tool-kit that includes crop, re-size, filters, scale and more, to create perfect pictures with a few brush strokes.
  • Drag-and-Drop Tool: Add buttons, tabs and text blocks; all in less than a minute.
  • Blurbs Archive: Save and reuse snippets from previous newsletters.
  • Email Creation History: View history of your newsletter and recreate it by easily undoing any changes.

HTML Doctor Create your own HTML code through our code editor or with our layout stencils. As a beta test use our pre-designed templates. Import template from ZIP, URL or paste the code.

Our extensive email templates and layouts gallery offers limitless visual creative solutions: to make your email one of a kind.


Template Builder Tools


HTML Doctor is a tool that will help clients to find any coding errors in their mailer. Which will further results into a better rendering of the mail, resulting into good customer experience. No more broken links and missing tags, HTML Doctor will help you build a perfect code.


Click on the ‘View Error Summary’ and it will show you all the coding error, then you can rectify those on the platform itself or by going to the master HTML file on your computer. It will rectify the following errors making rendering of your mailers on the machine as smooth as possible:

  1. If the tags are left opened
  2. If there are any extra tags
  3. If there are any blank links
  4. If any attribute is left blank
  5. If the mailer is not designed according to the W3C guidelines

Video Tagging and Video Embedded Mail Video tagging is a feature on the platform with which you can embed videos in your mailer, with the help of our HTML editor tool. You can define a video path in .mp4 or .ogg format from your server. You can also define a fall back image and URL, which will come in handy if a user is not able to get an access to the video you embedded by Social share buttons.




Email Template Builder ToolThere is also a provision of image size given in the video tag feature that enables you to size an image as per your requirement.

And your mailer is video defined and ready to be sent!

Responsive Email Design No coding required, just embed.

Your design playground.

  • Automatically: Create responsive mails that look great on any device.
  • No limitations: Create your emails from scratch or choose the various templates provided on our panel.
  • Quick: Easily paste and edit text.
  • Adaptable: Continue viewing changes on the mobile as you go. Any changes you make, any block you add is automatically adjusted on mobile.






Free Email Template BuilderInbox Preview An impeccable tool to pump your respondent rate!

Email validation to make your emails look perfect in every inbox — desktop, webmail or smartphone. OctaneGo with integration of an optional tool will provide marketers a view on how their email campaigns will render on desktop, webmail and smartphone.

  • Preview your Newsletters: With our powerful tool to make sure it is tested against every major email clients: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. We cover all the most popular inboxes!
  • Mobile Previews: Inbox Preview provides mobile previews of your email for iPhones, iPads and Android devices to ensure a perfect look for your email for all subscribers who read your emails on mobile devices.
  • Instant Previews: As a built-in element of the email editor, Inbox Preview allows you to inspect your email in all major inboxes in an instant. Now you can quickly tweak your newsletters to make them look perfect at delivery time.

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