Responsive Email Design

1. Why do my emails look different on mobile devices?

If you check your email on mobile phones, you must have noticed that sometimes the message appears neatly formatted, with sufficient large and easily readable fonts, however, sometimes they don’t. This is because the design is not responsive and is not tailor-made for mobile devices.

This is one of the major problems for email marketers these days as maximum number of emails are viewed on mobile devices. If the email does not appear nice, and is not easily readable and the subscriber is not engaged; there are high chances of the subscribers will either delete your email or unsubscribe from your emails.

The fix to this problem is Responsive Email Design, which automatically converts your emails to look great on mobile devices. This means:

  • The text will be scaled to fit the mobile phone’s screen, making it easy to read
  • Multi-column email templates will cascade into a single column view, which makes your content easily readable on mobile devices (there’s nothing more frustrating for your email recipient than having to scroll through your email both vertically and horizontally to view multiple columns).

This will help you get better subscriber engagement, more click through rate, fewer unsubscribe rate and complaints.

2. Can I make my template look perfect on mobile devices?

Yes, by creating a responsive HTML design.

3. How do I enable mobile preview in email creator?

This can be done via our Litmus tool. Litmus tool enables you to see how your mailer would render on any device be it mobile or desktop.

4. How does the new responsive design influence the existing templates?

It doesn’t effects your existing template. It will still work on normal desktop clients. Responsive means the template is optimised for mobile viewing.

5. How to adapt my current drafts for mobile?

Use our Template Builder feature to create responsive mailers for mobile. We have inbuilt templates in our platform that will allow you to create responsive mailers.

6. Which mobile devices are supported?

Mostly all Android and IOS devices are supported. The templates will scale to adjust to tablets and Windows mobiles.

7. I don’t need responsive design. Can I turn it off?

There is no turning on or turning off responsive email designs.

8. Can I check how the message looks in the email box before I send it?

When you create a campaign and finish the 3 steps of campaign details, uploading the content and the list, the platform will ask you to schedule the campaign. On the same page will be the option test email.

To see the preview of the email an email id (you can put a maximum of 5 email ids), send a test campaign on the stated email id and see then login into the email id to see how the email rendered in the inbox before sending the final campaign.


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