Getting started with OctaneGo

1. What is OctaneGo?

OctaneGo is a simple, powerful and an easy to implement multi-channel SMS and Email Marketing platform that works on a Do It Yourself (DIY) model. It’s a complete Digital 1:1 (Email+SMS) Marketing platform for marketers, wherein sending a campaign becomes a one man job without any help needed from design or technology team to execute a successful campaign. With OctaneGo marketers can:

  • Create responsive and artistic email campaigns
  • Improve their email marketing metrics & ROI
  • Delivery higher deliverability rates
  • Deploy best practices automated campaigns without expensive CRM
  • Track the viral value of your email
  • Tailor content for the right device to improve engagement

OctaneGo delivers a compelling solution to fit exacting needs of marketers::

  • Scalable Platform: Our system can easily adapt to increasing volumes.
  • Support: We provide support to our clients in all product related inquiries. This is done on chat, email and on call.
  • Deliverability: Our ‘NO SPAM’ mantra helps us reach a deliverability rate of 99.7%.
  • Power of One Engine: We are more than just an Email marketing platform. We provide mobile marketing capabilities and features that can help you execute integrated (SMS+Email) campaigns on a single platform.
  • Our Motto: Remove layers and reduce time and make it easier for a marketer to engage with their audiences without relying on external teams (like design or technology) and without any upfront investments for implementing technology. Easy yet powerful.

Performance Insights: Our platform provides insights in several ways for your campaigns – open rates, click rates, tag click activity, demographics, location, bounces, unsubscribes, reasons for unsubscribes, social media activity, link click activity, device wise reporting, ISP wise reporting to name a few. In real time, with slice and dice for you to understand over 30 attributes for each campaign.

2. What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing channel that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial messages. In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer is a form of email marketing and thus consumer consent to receiving the information becomes vital as the mail otherwise can markdown the brand’s integrity.

3. What is Permission Marketing?

A term popularised by Seth Godin, Permission Marketing is an approach to sell goods and services in which a prospect customer explicitly agrees in advance to receive marketing information. To illustrate, imagine an online user exploring your company’s website. Clearly there is an interest in what you have to offer. You can convert this interest perhaps into an opportunity by seeking their opt-in email address or a phone number to continue the conversation even after they have left the website. This would qualify as an ‘opt-in’ and with that you would have just scored their permission to contact them.

Once permission is granted by the consumer, you can be sure that there is at least some interest in getting more information from you and will value your future communication more than they would value unsolicited spam. This method is therefore more efficient and is mostly used by online marketers, notably email marketers and search marketers, as well as certain direct marketers who send a catalogue in response to a request.

At OctaneGo, we believe in personalized marketing that addresses each subscriber, or a potential customer, on a one-to-one basis rather than clubbing them all together as a ‘broader segment.’ We have seen that one size fits all kind of email campaigns fail to deliver the ROI that businesses demand. Also bought lists or third party lists never match up to the ROI generated by good ethical consent driven subscriber lists. In fact, using mixed list is one sure way to lose email marketing ROI momentum.

4. What is Multi-Channel Marketing / Integrated Marketing?

Multi-Channel Marketing (or the Power of One engine) is the method of using many different communication channels to reach a customer. These different communication channels have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to marketing value. Therefore, ‘Multi-Channel Marketing’ (power of one) allow the marketers/companies to reach their prospective or current customer though a channel that is the most effective and efficient for them. Power of One features like auto-responder and trigger help you in re-engagement and relay.

OctaneGo provides an integrated platform that offers Email and SMS as mediums (i.e. multiple channels) of engagement. A marketer can leverage the impact of both SMS and Email Marketing and send out communication/campaigns in one easy way. OctaneGo provides Social Media integration (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) in email content thereby making it easier for the community to share the message with others. This results in viral spread making a larger impact of the marketing message.

5. How do I activate API Integration?

For API Integration you have to ask OctaneGo’s support team to provide you with an API Key that they will extract from their system.

Login to the OctaneGo account and click on ‘setting’ present on the extreme right of the page. The settings dashboard will open, now click on API settings. You can now see the API key which the OctaneGo support team has provided to you for your account specifically. Below the key you can download the ‘integration kit’ that has a step-by-step guide to how you can activate your API integration.

You have to integrate APIs for 3 actions:

  • Creating a Template – that is if you want to use the Template Builder present on the OctaneGo platform
  • Sending Bulk emails – that is for sending emails form the OctaneGo platform
  • Sending emails using the Templates – that is if you want to send emails using templates that you have created from the Template Builder or Pre-created templates that are present in the OctaneGo platform

Follow the instruction as per the guidelines present in the documents to activate API integration in your account.

6. How do I create a new campaign?

After logging in your account please click on the top tab on the dashboard that says “Create Send”. A drop down menu will appear, then click on “create a new campaign”. Then select the “campaign type” (Email, SMS, Email + SMS or split campaign).

7. How can I use OctaneGo?

OctaneGo is a marketing technology company. A self-service, 24×7 and easy to use technology platform that can be operated by any marketer who knows how to use web mail services like Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo etc.

You can come to our website and register to use our services. You can buy Email and SMS credits (we support pay as you go model) and get ready to send your first campaign .It’s easy!

8. How do contacts add themselves to my campaign?

The option to subscribe to your campaign should be easily accessible on your website and other online marketing channels such as Social Media. People can opt-in to your campaigns by putting their details on the web-forms present on your Website and Social Media platforms.

9. How is OctaneGo different from my current email system?

OctaneGo combines the latest online technology with state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver an enterprise class platform that is available 24×7 and is scalable as per your needs. Simply put, we offer enhanced technology and services.

Most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software lack the sophistication and advanced functionality that we offer (in-terms of easy of use or last mile tracking) and which has become a fairly important method for engaging customers and delivering higher ROI for customer communications.

Companies using OctaneGo’s solutions report experiencing a level of flexibility and agility that is difficult to achieve internally without increased investments of time, money and resources and thereby increasing the ‘time to market’.

Online technology and trends change fast and we are constantly building powerful new product features into our service that are available to you almost immediately and at no extra cost.

10. How robust or scalable is OctaneGo’s technology?

Our technology is extremely robust and scalable. This means that you can run campaigns that demand millions of Emails / SMS to be sent in a matter of hours; with no worries about scalability or data security and privacy. Most of our competitors fail to match our volume numbers.

11. How do I customize the confirmation email?

Login to your account, go to Create and Send. Click on Edit and Resend Campaign, click on the campaign you want to customize. You can edit the following:

  • Information related to Campaign & Sender
  • Content (HTML & Tagging)
  • Recipients

12. How do I change the email address and name my messages are from? / How do I change my ‘From’ email and message?

You can change your ‘from email’ by editing the campaign. For a campaign in your draft please select the campaign and click on ‘edit campaign and sender’. The window with your campaign details will appear where you can change the details you want to and re-save the draft or send the campaign.

For the campaigns you have already sent and you want to re-send it again by changing the ‘from email’, you need to go to sent campaigns. Select the campaign you want to re-send, click the re-send option on the top right corner and then apply the same exercise as stated above for a campaign in drafts.

13. How do I reset my password?

Go to your account settings on the top right corner and you will see the option of resetting your last password.

14. What browser and operating system are needed to use OctaneGo?

OctaneGo works on PCs and MAC. It is compatible with Windows OS and most of the popular browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.).

15. How do I Create and send campaigns?

Login to your OctaneGo account. In the top menu click ‘create send’ and click the ‘create new campaign’ tab. Delect the campaign type and start filling the basic details of your campaign.

Step 1: Define your campaign name. This name is for internal use and isn’t seen by your subscriber.
Step 2: Define your subject line of your email campaign which is viewed by your subscriber.
Step 3: Define from name and from email id, both are viewed by our subscriber.
Step 4: define the email id on which you want to get replies by your subscriber on. Please note that reply to id can be different from sender id.

Secondly, define your subscribers. You can do it by putting in the subscribers email id manually or import these id via a CSV file saved in your computer. In this case we are picking manually enter recipient information. For your reference there are examples on the left side of the screen on how you should add recipient data manually.

Thirdly, you need define the content you will send to your subscribers. You have three choices – HTML only, HTML and plain text and plain text only. Here we are describing how to upload an HTML file. Click the HTML only option and click next to upload your creative. Now upload your creative from your computer.After you have successfully uploaded your creative, kindly add an unsubscribe link to your campaign (if not added already). This is a best practice mandate for all ISPs and therefore, shouldn’t be ignored. You will then reach the campaign snapshot, where you can make changes before testing and sending your final campaign.

The fourth step is testing and defining delivery. You can test how the email campaign renders on your email by putting in your email id and sending a test email. Once you are ok with the preview, click on schedule campaign to finally send the campaign.

You can both schedule the campaign of a later date and time or send it immediately.
Here you go now you know how to send a campaign from OctaneGo in 4 easy steps of – campaign details, upload subscribers, upload creative and schedule campaign.

16. How do I avoid looking like a Phisher?

Phishing basically refers to an email that fraudulently tries to get information off someone by pretending to be someone else.

  • Try to have relevant subject lines and sender names
  • Have content in the email that is relevant to your subject line
  • Avoid using URL in display text, use a word or a statement
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