Email Deliverability

1. How good is your email deliverability?

We at OctaneGo believe in providing best-in-class email deliverability. Email deliverability depends upon many factors:

  • List characteristics: whether your list is opt-in or bought
  • Has your subscriber marked you spam
  • Has your subscriber abandoned their old email id with which they were subscriber to you
  • Has the ISP black listed your domain
  • Different industries have different deliverability rates
  • Frequent volume change
  • Relevancy of content
  • Active and filtered lists
  • Email infrastructure
  • Time of sending the emails and pre-testing of the email campaigns

2. What are the best email practices that influence delivery?

These are briefly explained in 5 concise points:

  • Upload only those lists of email subscribers who have opted-in for your email campaigns. We recommend double opt-in
  • Provide your subscribers with valuable and relevant content. The images and text should be in 60/40 ratio. Do not make the content too dense or lengthy. The subscribers should receive only those emails that have subscribed for. This will help proper email engagement and subscribers will be eager to receive your emails and not report your emails as spam
  • Do not flood your recipients with too many emails. If you see lower engagement rates, take some preventive steps to determine the subscribers who are not interested in your email and try to regain them. If they are still unresponsive, remove them from the list.
  • Respect your subscribers if they unsubscribe. Process their request(s) and listen to your recipients suggestions.
  • Use your website name or a relevant ‘from email address’ as your ISP so that the receiver is able to place your company as the sender of the mail and not report it as spam. We recommend you to not use ISPs like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and the likes as it might cause your emails to bounce.

3. What is the deliverability rate of messages sent through OctaneGo?

Message deliverability rate is negatively affected when the subscriber list is unfiltered, old, inactive, purchased; due to networking or connection or server issues; if the recipient’s mail box is full.

4. Why do ISPs recognize messages as spam differently?

This could occur due to blacklisted IP, lowering of IP reputation from email address getting blacklisted, sending domain getting blacklisted, lowering of reputation of the sending domain or from email address.

5. Why legal compliance is important?

Legal compliance is necessary because it is pivotal to make sure that your mails are genuine. Once the mail is considered as spam it becomes a challenge to get back into the inboxes of users. To build up trust with the ISP it is important to make sure that you have completed all legal formalities in some other countries there are additional policies that you have to go through such as CANSPAM (US and Canada), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (UK).

6. Why shouldn’t I re-add bounced emails to my list?

Bounced email is an email which was not delivered for some reason and has returned to the sender. There are two types of bounces, namely hard bounce and soft bounce.

The OctaneGo platform removes the hard bounced emails immediately and puts it in the suppression list. Soft bounced emails are removed from the list after a few unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Adding the bounced email(s) back to the list can lead to:

  • Getting bounced email(s) again which negatively impacts the response to the campaign
  • The reputation of ‘from field address’ and the IP is hampered; any future mailing will be blocked by the email clients
  • Addresses removed due to hard or soft bounce are confirmed to be invalid and adding them to the list will just increase the cost without any chance of generating ROI

7. Can OctaneGo influence whether ISPs deliver emails?

The OctaneGo platform cannot influence ISPs. We keep ourselves abreast about the various lateral policies and can help you get your mails validated by many domains.

8. How does the from field address reputation influence my deliverability to the inbox vs spam folder?

Major ISPs consider a lot of factors before placing the message in the Inbox or the spam folder. If there is a low engagement rate, higher complaints, spam trap hits or suspicious content from a specific from-field address – the ISP may decide to filter the message to the spam folder.
It is recommended to have your website name as ‘from field address’ or an ISP that is customised to the content emailed.

9. What is spam?

Spam is basically junk email. It is a message that the recipient(s) did not give verifiable permission to receive. These are generally sent in bulk, implying that the message is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all subsequently having identical content.

OctaneGo follows a zero tolerance anti-Spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited emails in any form while using the service.

10. Why do my emails sometimes go into the spam folder?

Sudden negative response of users for your content who might have marked your mails as spam or might have complained to the respective ISP can result in you domain or IP getting blacklisted by a well-known blacklisting website.

11. What is the spam score check feature?

Spam score check feature is to check that your mails are accepted by how many ISP filters and the score that is generated at the end tells that how genuine is your mail considered by ISP filters.

12. Why shouldn’t I use Yahoo, AOL, and Aim email as my email address domain?

There has been recent change in the Yahoo and AOL domains wherein they changed the settings of their Domain Name System (DNS) which specifies that Internet Service Providers will reject all messages that have a “From” address using an, or @aol domains, if they weren’t sent from those mail servers.

This has a negative impact on your deliverability as the emails will bounce if you use these domain names. You should also avoid using other free domains like Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff etc.

13. Why one of my contacts did not receive the newsletter?

Network issues and/or fail of connection with servers may have caused the ISP to have blocked the respective IP or domain from which we are sending the mails.

14. Why am I not receiving my test emails?

This could be due to issues in connection with servers, networking issues. The mail might be in queue on MTA (mail transfer agent) and the MTA is not able to make connection with the IP address.

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