Contacts and List Management

1. Why doesn’t OctaneGo sell lists or allow using purchased lists?

OctaneGo does not condone buying or selling of lists. We forbid using third party lists since they are prone to abuse and are not in the best interest of either the subscriber or the marketer or the carrier. OctaneGo believes in opt-in lists and the tenets of permission marketing. We encourage marketers to build their own digital permission assets and have even helped our clients in developing and managing these opt-in lists and keeping them fresh and updated. In our experience, this has been proven to build customer engagements and lead to higher conversion for campaign objectives, and believe that subscriber data is a permission asset that belongs to our customers.

2. What is a Suppression List?

Suppression list is the email ids that you should not send any email campaigns to. Subscribers are added to the suppression list if they unsubscribe themselves using the unsubscribe link in your email or if they mark your email as spam or there is a hard or soft bounces recorded for multiple campaigns sent to the subscriber. Whenever you import contacts, we do a check to find the suppression list. The list of suppressed email ids is not imported and you can view the email ids that are not being imported. Please note, you can only add emails in the suppression list. The emails already added can’t be deleted from the suppression list.

3. What is the difference between Active and Inactive contacts?

Active contacts are those who have performed an activity on the emails that you sent to them. Activity can include opening or clicking on your email. Inactive contacts are those who have not performed any activity on your emails in the last 12 months. This term can be different for different service providers.

4. How can I export contacts?

Please click on ‘manage lists’ and click on ‘subscriber lists’ from the drop-down menu. Click the settings icon adjacent to the list you want to export. After clicking on the icon you can click on export data and the contacts will be exported in XLS or CSV format in a zipped or unzipped file.

5. How do I add contacts to my OctaneGo account?

OctaneGo allows you to have any type to list, until you have a permission from the subscribers to receive emails communication from you. Importing other lists which have bought or purchased or borrowed is strictly prohibited. Your list can be imported and does not need to reconfirm subscription if all the contacts have subscribed to your email communication and if the list contains updated contacts, without any suppressed email ids. If you want to add contacts and subscribers on the panel, you can go to ‘manage lists’ on the top menu and click on ‘add new list’. Then you can upload subscribers via 3 options – uploading a CSV file, manually typing in data or importing subscribers through a web-form.

6. How do I segment my subscriber list?

Go to ‘manage lists’ and then click on ‘manage your segments’. Click on ‘create segment’ present on the top right corner of the page. A create segment page will open. You can segment subscribers by campaign or list. For e.g. you chose to segment by list:

  • Chose the list you want to segment
  • You can choose the matching capability to a segment. You want to segment the data on all the conditions you will put or anyone would suffice
  • You can now choose the condition you want to segment data for. The conditions on OctaneGo’s platform are: Email id, subscribers, is your customer, opened, clicked, last opened, last clicked, first name, last name, address and company
  • Refresh to see the count of the subscribers and save the segment for further use

7. What type of lists can I import? Do my contacts have to reconfirm subscription?

OctaneGo only allows fully opt-in list mailing on its platform. If your list/database is bought or not consent based we would not allow you to use our platform. If you have an opt-in database you need not reconfirm subscription, for that when you upload a list please select the list type as Single opt-in. However, if you still want your existing user base to re-confirm subscription, please select the list type as Double opt-in. A message will go to user with a link, if they click on the link to re-confirm receiving your mailers then only they will receive campaigns from you. Please note: Double opt-in is mandatory if you want to get subscribers via a web form.

8. Why was my import rejected?

There are 3 main reasons for this t happen:

  • Wrong email format
  • Already suppressed email ids
  • Wrong file format (always use CSV format)

9. How is a Custom Field used?

When you are uploading a list the platform asks you to tag the columns in your list to first name, last name, email id, gender, phone number, company name etc. If you have put a tag that is not in built in the platform this tag is called the customer tag. Supposedly, your list has a column of vehicle used, but the platform doesn’t support this tag. Then the platform creates a special tag which you can copy and use it in our HTML for better segmentation and personalisation of your list.

10. How can I manually remove a contact/contacts from my list?

This can be done in 2 ways:

  • Go to ‘manage list’ and click on ‘subscriber list’; locate the list you want to delete contacts from. Click on the list and you will see the subscriber email ids listed at the bottom. You can select manually the subscribers you want to delete by clicking on the check box at the right side. Once all subscribers you want to delete are selected you can take action by selecting delete in the bottom right drop down menu. Confirm your action and the subscriber would be deleted.
  • Go to manage subscribers and locate the list you want to delete contacts from. You will see a settings icon adjacent to the list name, click on the icon and then click on ‘remove subscribers’. Then you have an option of uploading a CSV with email ids of the subscribers you want to delete. Once uploaded click delete subscribers and they will be deleted from your selected list.

11. How to create a list?

To download your payment invoice login to your OctaneGo account and click on Billing tab present on the top right menu of the page. You will enter the billing dashboard, now click on ‘view previous invoice’ present under the billing tab. You complete payment history will open. Now select the invoice you want to download and click on ‘view invoice’. Your payment invoice will be downloaded in your system in a PDF format.

12. How can a contact unsubscribe from my campaign?

Every message sent from OctaneGo contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. The recipient just has to click on the link and he is removed from any further campaigns from you.

13. How do I blacklist email addresses or domain names, so they don’t receive my messages?

Take the email ids you want to blacklist and add them to your suppression list.

14. How do I remove duplicates from my list?

When you import a list of email addresses, we check the list wherein duplicated email address (es) is automatically removed.

15. How do I move contacts to auto-responder sequence?

Upload a list with contacts that you want to send triggers to. Then when you will create a trigger/auto-responder you can add that list to it.

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