Campaign Settings

1. How can I disable Double Opt-in Confirmation?

When you are making a new list or uploading new subscribers into an existing list, under the list type option please select ‘single opt-in’ instead of ‘confirmation required, double opt-in’.

2. Where can I find my campaign settings?

Login to your account, go to Create and Send. Click on Edit and Resend Campaign, click on the campaign you want to customize. You can edit the following:

  • Information related to Campaign & Sender
  • Content (HTML & Tagging)
  • Recipients

3. How to add unsubscribe link automatically?

While uploading your campaign if you don’t have an unsubscribe link in the content, the OctaneGo system will recognize this problem automatically.

Click on the add the subscriber link and a unsubscribe link will be added to your campaign automatically.

4. How do I change the name of a campaign?

First you need to know the difference between campaign name and subject line. Campaign Name is for your reference to identify the campaign and Subject Line is what a user sees in his/her inbox.

You can change your ‘campaign’ by editing the campaign. For a campaign present in your drafts, please select the campaign and click on ‘edit campaign and sender’. The window with your campaign details will appear where you can change the ‘campaign name’ there and then re-save the draft or send the campaign.

For the campaigns you have already sent and you want to re-send it again by changing the ‘campaign name’, you need to go to sent campaigns. Select the campaign you want to re-send, click the re-send option on the top right corner and then apply the same exercise as stated above for a campaign in drafts.

5. How do I schedule a campaign to send it later?

After you have defined the campaign (name, subject line, sender name and email id), uploaded your creative and list; at the end before you send the campaign the system asks you to either send the campaign immediately or schedule it for later. Select schedule it for later and you can define the campaign delivery by selecting the date and time (across all time zones) you want to send the campaign on.

6. How do I delete a Campaign?

Go to the dashboard and it shows saved campaign drafts; select the campaign you want to delete. On the extreme right of the campaign details you will find the delete bin, click the bin and your campaign would be deleted.

Repeat the same procedure for your sent campaigns.

7. How do I compare my campaigns?

Every marketer wants to compare which campaign performed better especially when split campaigns aren’t an option always. The OctaneGo platform helps you compare two campaigns that will help marketers know what they did right and what they need to improve upon.

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Report analytics’ and click on ‘Campaign Reports’. Then choose the two or more campaigns you want to compare. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘compare’ tab. The report is compared on 4 points: Open, Clicks, Unsubscribed and Bounced rate. You can also export his report for further reference in both HTML and XLS form, for further reference. The HTML report will show you graphs whereas the XLS file will get you tabbed information.

8. I saved a newsletter as a draft? Where is it?

When you login to your account the dashboard is divided into two parts the lower part has the drafts.

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