A/B Tests

1. What is an A/B Test?

This is a type of beta- program in which various versions of your campaign are sent to distinct consumer segments to see which one generates the best response (opens, clicks, shares or conversions). For example: If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers and you are confused if you should send a campaign on Monday or Friday, you can send versions A and B to half of one percent of your subscribers i.e. 250 respondents. The version that will garner the best response can then be sent to the remaining subscribers. You can also select under which criteria (e.g. Opens or Clicks) you wish to select the best campaign version.

OctaneGo provides A to Z Tests wherein you can send more than two versions of your beta campaigns.

2. Where can I find the A/B testing feature?

Go to ‘create send’ and chose ‘create new campaign’ and then chose ‘split campaign’ from the campaign type menu. Split campaign are A/B split campaigns.

3. What type of A/B tests can I choose from?

At OctaneGo we provide a timing associated A/B testing:

  • Sending Day & Time: Day and time is about when (time, day, date) you want to dispatch your campaign.
  • Mailer Design: This can be in terms to image ratio, content placement, call to action, colour etc. We recommend fewer images due to default block image in email clients.  A/B split testing is the right way to find out which ratio will work for you.
  • Subject Line: This is the most important factor as it determines if the receiver will open the email or not. We have seen that a subject line goes a long way in positively impacting a campaigns open rates.

Similarly, other A/B test options can be font size variation, placement and size of call to actions, colour schemes, recipient’s location or demographics, subscriber behaviour and history and so on.

4. How many recipients should I include in my testing group?

Recipients in the test campaigns on A/B split testing completely depends on the total subscribers that you are targeting. You must test at least 10% of total subscribers for each test campaigns giving at least 1 hour to perform.

5. Can I schedule my A/B tests?

Yes, you schedule the split campaign.

6. Where can I find the A/B test statistics?

You can find your A/B test statistics in the split campaign test results under ‘Reports and Analytics’ and ‘campaign reports’.

7. What type of A/B tests can I choose from?

Systems give the option to change either subject lines or content or both for A/B split test.

8. How is the best performing message being sent?

You have to select the criteria for the campaign. Our system provides options either Open rates or Click rates can be set as criteria. Which ever campaign performs better on the set criteria is sent by the system to the entire list.

9. Can I save an A/B test?

Yes it can be saved in drafts.

10. Can I test different parts of the message in one A/B test?

You can test the subject line and content.

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