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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Getting started with OctaneGo

1. What is OctaneGo?

OctaneGo is a simple, powerful and an easy to implement multi-channel SMS and Email Marketing platform that works on a Do It Yourself (DIY) model. It’s a complete Digital 1:1 (Email+SMS) Marketing platform for marketers, wherein sending a campaign becomes a one man job without any help needed from design or technology team to execute a successful campaign. With OctaneGo marketers can:

  • Create responsive and artistic email campaigns
  • Improve their email marketing metrics & ROI
  • Delivery higher deliverability rates
  • Deploy best practices automated campaigns without expensive CRM
  • Track the viral value of your email
  • Tailor content for the right device to improve engagement

OctaneGo delivers a compelling solution to fit exacting needs of marketers::

  • Scalable Platform: Our system can easily adapt to increasing volumes.
  • Support: We provide support to our clients in all product related inquiries. This is done on chat, email and on call.
  • Deliverability: Our ‘NO SPAM’ mantra helps us reach a deliverability rate of 99.7%.
  • Power of One Engine: We are more than just an Email marketing platform. We provide mobile marketing capabilities and features that can help you execute integrated (SMS+Email) campaigns on a single platform.
  • Our Motto: Remove layers and reduce time and make it easier for a marketer to engage with their audiences without relying on external teams (like design or technology) and without any upfront investments for implementing technology. Easy yet powerful.

Performance Insights: Our platform provides insights in several ways for your campaigns – open rates, click rates, tag click activity, demographics, location, bounces, unsubscribes, reasons for unsubscribes, social media activity, link click activity, device wise reporting, ISP wise reporting to name a few. In real time, with slice and dice for you to understand over 30 attributes for each campaign.

2. What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing channel that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial messages. In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer is a form of email marketing and thus consumer consent to receiving the information becomes vital as the mail otherwise can markdown the brand’s integrity.

3. What is Permission Marketing?

A term popularised by Seth Godin, Permission Marketing is an approach to sell goods and services in which a prospect customer explicitly agrees in advance to receive marketing information. To illustrate, imagine an online user exploring your company’s website. Clearly there is an interest in what you have to offer. You can convert this interest perhaps into an opportunity by seeking their opt-in email address or a phone number to continue the conversation even after they have left the website. This would qualify as an ‘opt-in’ and with that you would have just scored their permission to contact them.

Once permission is granted by the consumer, you can be sure that there is at least some interest in getting more information from you and will value your future communication more than they would value unsolicited spam. This method is therefore more efficient and is mostly used by online marketers, notably email marketers and search marketers, as well as certain direct marketers who send a catalogue in response to a request.

At OctaneGo, we believe in personalized marketing that addresses each subscriber, or a potential customer, on a one-to-one basis rather than clubbing them all together as a ‘broader segment.’ We have seen that one size fits all kind of email campaigns fail to deliver the ROI that businesses demand. Also bought lists or third party lists never match up to the ROI generated by good ethical consent driven subscriber lists. In fact, using mixed list is one sure way to lose email marketing ROI momentum.

4. What is Multi-Channel Marketing / Integrated Marketing?

Multi-Channel Marketing (or the Power of One engine) is the method of using many different communication channels to reach a customer. These different communication channels have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to marketing value. Therefore, ‘Multi-Channel Marketing’ (power of one) allow the marketers/companies to reach their prospective or current customer though a channel that is the most effective and efficient for them. Power of One features like auto-responder and trigger help you in re-engagement and relay.

OctaneGo provides an integrated platform that offers Email and SMS as mediums (i.e. multiple channels) of engagement. A marketer can leverage the impact of both SMS and Email Marketing and send out communication/campaigns in one easy way. OctaneGo provides Social Media integration (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) in email content thereby making it easier for the community to share the message with others. This results in viral spread making a larger impact of the marketing message.

5. How do I activate API Integration?

For API Integration you have to ask OctaneGo’s support team to provide you with an API Key that they will extract from their system.

Login to the OctaneGo account and click on ‘setting’ present on the extreme right of the page. The settings dashboard will open, now click on API settings. You can now see the API key which the OctaneGo support team has provided to you for your account specifically. Below the key you can download the ‘integration kit’ that has a step-by-step guide to how you can activate your API integration.

You have to integrate APIs for 3 actions:

  • Creating a Template – that is if you want to use the Template Builder present on the OctaneGo platform
  • Sending Bulk emails – that is for sending emails form the OctaneGo platform
  • Sending emails using the Templates – that is if you want to send emails using templates that you have created from the Template Builder or Pre-created templates that are present in the OctaneGo platform

Follow the instruction as per the guidelines present in the documents to activate API integration in your account.

6. How do I create a new campaign?

After logging in your account please click on the top tab on the dashboard that says “Create Send”. A drop down menu will appear, then click on “create a new campaign”. Then select the “campaign type” (Email, SMS, Email + SMS or split campaign).

7. How can I use OctaneGo?

OctaneGo is a marketing technology company. A self-service, 24×7 and easy to use technology platform that can be operated by any marketer who knows how to use web mail services like Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo etc.

You can come to our website www.octanego.com and register to use our services. You can buy Email and SMS credits (we support pay as you go model) and get ready to send your first campaign .It’s easy!

8. How do contacts add themselves to my campaign?

The option to subscribe to your campaign should be easily accessible on your website and other online marketing channels such as Social Media. People can opt-in to your campaigns by putting their details on the web-forms present on your Website and Social Media platforms.

9. How is OctaneGo different from my current email system?

OctaneGo combines the latest online technology with state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver an enterprise class platform that is available 24×7 and is scalable as per your needs. Simply put, we offer enhanced technology and services.

Most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software lack the sophistication and advanced functionality that we offer (in-terms of easy of use or last mile tracking) and which has become a fairly important method for engaging customers and delivering higher ROI for customer communications.

Companies using OctaneGo’s solutions report experiencing a level of flexibility and agility that is difficult to achieve internally without increased investments of time, money and resources and thereby increasing the ‘time to market’.

Online technology and trends change fast and we are constantly building powerful new product features into our service that are available to you almost immediately and at no extra cost.

10. How robust or scalable is OctaneGo’s technology?

Our technology is extremely robust and scalable. This means that you can run campaigns that demand millions of Emails / SMS to be sent in a matter of hours; with no worries about scalability or data security and privacy. Most of our competitors fail to match our volume numbers.

11. How do I customize the confirmation email?

Login to your account, go to Create and Send. Click on Edit and Resend Campaign, click on the campaign you want to customize. You can edit the following:

  • Information related to Campaign & Sender
  • Content (HTML & Tagging)
  • Recipients

12. How do I change the email address and name my messages are from? / How do I change my ‘From’ email and message?

You can change your ‘from email’ by editing the campaign. For a campaign in your draft please select the campaign and click on ‘edit campaign and sender’. The window with your campaign details will appear where you can change the details you want to and re-save the draft or send the campaign.

For the campaigns you have already sent and you want to re-send it again by changing the ‘from email’, you need to go to sent campaigns. Select the campaign you want to re-send, click the re-send option on the top right corner and then apply the same exercise as stated above for a campaign in drafts.

13. How do I reset my password?

Go to your account settings on the top right corner and you will see the option of resetting your last password.

14. What browser and operating system are needed to use OctaneGo?

OctaneGo works on PCs and MAC. It is compatible with Windows OS and most of the popular browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.).

15. How do I Create and send campaigns?

Login to your OctaneGo account. In the top menu click ‘create send’ and click the ‘create new campaign’ tab. Delect the campaign type and start filling the basic details of your campaign.

Step 1: Define your campaign name. This name is for internal use and isn’t seen by your subscriber.
Step 2: Define your subject line of your email campaign which is viewed by your subscriber.
Step 3: Define from name and from email id, both are viewed by our subscriber.
Step 4: define the email id on which you want to get replies by your subscriber on. Please note that reply to id can be different from sender id.

Secondly, define your subscribers. You can do it by putting in the subscribers email id manually or import these id via a CSV file saved in your computer. In this case we are picking manually enter recipient information. For your reference there are examples on the left side of the screen on how you should add recipient data manually.

Thirdly, you need define the content you will send to your subscribers. You have three choices – HTML only, HTML and plain text and plain text only. Here we are describing how to upload an HTML file. Click the HTML only option and click next to upload your creative. Now upload your creative from your computer.After you have successfully uploaded your creative, kindly add an unsubscribe link to your campaign (if not added already). This is a best practice mandate for all ISPs and therefore, shouldn’t be ignored. You will then reach the campaign snapshot, where you can make changes before testing and sending your final campaign.

The fourth step is testing and defining delivery. You can test how the email campaign renders on your email by putting in your email id and sending a test email. Once you are ok with the preview, click on schedule campaign to finally send the campaign.

You can both schedule the campaign of a later date and time or send it immediately.
Here you go now you know how to send a campaign from OctaneGo in 4 easy steps of – campaign details, upload subscribers, upload creative and schedule campaign.

16. How do I avoid looking like a Phisher?

Phishing basically refers to an email that fraudulently tries to get information off someone by pretending to be someone else.

  • Try to have relevant subject lines and sender names
  • Have content in the email that is relevant to your subject line
  • Avoid using URL in display text, use a word or a statement
Contacts and List Management

1. Why doesn’t OctaneGo sell lists or allow using purchased lists?

OctaneGo does not condone buying or selling of lists. We forbid using third party lists since they are prone to abuse and are not in the best interest of either the subscriber or the marketer or the carrier. OctaneGo believes in opt-in lists and the tenets of permission marketing. We encourage marketers to build their own digital permission assets and have even helped our clients in developing and managing these opt-in lists and keeping them fresh and updated. In our experience, this has been proven to build customer engagements and lead to higher conversion for campaign objectives, and believe that subscriber data is a permission asset that belongs to our customers.

2. What is a Suppression List?

Suppression list is the email ids that you should not send any email campaigns to. Subscribers are added to the suppression list if they unsubscribe themselves using the unsubscribe link in your email or if they mark your email as spam or there is a hard or soft bounces recorded for multiple campaigns sent to the subscriber. Whenever you import contacts, we do a check to find the suppression list. The list of suppressed email ids is not imported and you can view the email ids that are not being imported. Please note, you can only add emails in the suppression list. The emails already added can’t be deleted from the suppression list.

3. What is the difference between Active and Inactive contacts?

Active contacts are those who have performed an activity on the emails that you sent to them. Activity can include opening or clicking on your email. Inactive contacts are those who have not performed any activity on your emails in the last 12 months. This term can be different for different service providers.

4. How can I export contacts?

Please click on ‘manage lists’ and click on ‘subscriber lists’ from the drop-down menu. Click the settings icon adjacent to the list you want to export. After clicking on the icon you can click on export data and the contacts will be exported in XLS or CSV format in a zipped or unzipped file.

5. How do I add contacts to my OctaneGo account?

OctaneGo allows you to have any type to list, until you have a permission from the subscribers to receive emails communication from you. Importing other lists which have bought or purchased or borrowed is strictly prohibited. Your list can be imported and does not need to reconfirm subscription if all the contacts have subscribed to your email communication and if the list contains updated contacts, without any suppressed email ids. If you want to add contacts and subscribers on the panel, you can go to ‘manage lists’ on the top menu and click on ‘add new list’. Then you can upload subscribers via 3 options – uploading a CSV file, manually typing in data or importing subscribers through a web-form.

6. How do I segment my subscriber list?

Go to ‘manage lists’ and then click on ‘manage your segments’. Click on ‘create segment’ present on the top right corner of the page. A create segment page will open. You can segment subscribers by campaign or list. For e.g. you chose to segment by list:

  • Chose the list you want to segment
  • You can choose the matching capability to a segment. You want to segment the data on all the conditions you will put or anyone would suffice
  • You can now choose the condition you want to segment data for. The conditions on OctaneGo’s platform are: Email id, subscribers, is your customer, opened, clicked, last opened, last clicked, first name, last name, address and company
  • Refresh to see the count of the subscribers and save the segment for further use

7. What type of lists can I import? Do my contacts have to reconfirm subscription?

OctaneGo only allows fully opt-in list mailing on its platform. If your list/database is bought or not consent based we would not allow you to use our platform. If you have an opt-in database you need not reconfirm subscription, for that when you upload a list please select the list type as Single opt-in. However, if you still want your existing user base to re-confirm subscription, please select the list type as Double opt-in. A message will go to user with a link, if they click on the link to re-confirm receiving your mailers then only they will receive campaigns from you. Please note: Double opt-in is mandatory if you want to get subscribers via a web form.

8. Why was my import rejected?

There are 3 main reasons for this t happen:

  • Wrong email format
  • Already suppressed email ids
  • Wrong file format (always use CSV format)

9. How is a Custom Field used?

When you are uploading a list the platform asks you to tag the columns in your list to first name, last name, email id, gender, phone number, company name etc. If you have put a tag that is not in built in the platform this tag is called the customer tag. Supposedly, your list has a column of vehicle used, but the platform doesn’t support this tag. Then the platform creates a special tag which you can copy and use it in our HTML for better segmentation and personalisation of your list.

10. How can I manually remove a contact/contacts from my list?

This can be done in 2 ways:

  • Go to ‘manage list’ and click on ‘subscriber list’; locate the list you want to delete contacts from. Click on the list and you will see the subscriber email ids listed at the bottom. You can select manually the subscribers you want to delete by clicking on the check box at the right side. Once all subscribers you want to delete are selected you can take action by selecting delete in the bottom right drop down menu. Confirm your action and the subscriber would be deleted.
  • Go to manage subscribers and locate the list you want to delete contacts from. You will see a settings icon adjacent to the list name, click on the icon and then click on ‘remove subscribers’. Then you have an option of uploading a CSV with email ids of the subscribers you want to delete. Once uploaded click delete subscribers and they will be deleted from your selected list.

11. How to create a list?

To download your payment invoice login to your OctaneGo account and click on Billing tab present on the top right menu of the page. You will enter the billing dashboard, now click on ‘view previous invoice’ present under the billing tab. You complete payment history will open. Now select the invoice you want to download and click on ‘view invoice’. Your payment invoice will be downloaded in your system in a PDF format.

12. How can a contact unsubscribe from my campaign?

Every message sent from OctaneGo contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. The recipient just has to click on the link and he is removed from any further campaigns from you.

13. How do I blacklist email addresses or domain names, so they don’t receive my messages?

Take the email ids you want to blacklist and add them to your suppression list.

14. How do I remove duplicates from my list?

When you import a list of email addresses, we check the list wherein duplicated email address (es) is automatically removed.

15. How do I move contacts to auto-responder sequence?

Upload a list with contacts that you want to send triggers to. Then when you will create a trigger/auto-responder you can add that list to it.

Campaign Settings

1. How can I disable Double Opt-in Confirmation?

When you are making a new list or uploading new subscribers into an existing list, under the list type option please select ‘single opt-in’ instead of ‘confirmation required, double opt-in’.

2. Where can I find my campaign settings?

Login to your account, go to Create and Send. Click on Edit and Resend Campaign, click on the campaign you want to customize. You can edit the following:

  • Information related to Campaign & Sender
  • Content (HTML & Tagging)
  • Recipients

3. How to add unsubscribe link automatically?

While uploading your campaign if you don’t have an unsubscribe link in the content, the OctaneGo system will recognize this problem automatically.

Click on the add the subscriber link and a unsubscribe link will be added to your campaign automatically.

4. How do I change the name of a campaign?

First you need to know the difference between campaign name and subject line. Campaign Name is for your reference to identify the campaign and Subject Line is what a user sees in his/her inbox.

You can change your ‘campaign’ by editing the campaign. For a campaign present in your drafts, please select the campaign and click on ‘edit campaign and sender’. The window with your campaign details will appear where you can change the ‘campaign name’ there and then re-save the draft or send the campaign.

For the campaigns you have already sent and you want to re-send it again by changing the ‘campaign name’, you need to go to sent campaigns. Select the campaign you want to re-send, click the re-send option on the top right corner and then apply the same exercise as stated above for a campaign in drafts.

5. How do I schedule a campaign to send it later?

After you have defined the campaign (name, subject line, sender name and email id), uploaded your creative and list; at the end before you send the campaign the system asks you to either send the campaign immediately or schedule it for later. Select schedule it for later and you can define the campaign delivery by selecting the date and time (across all time zones) you want to send the campaign on.

6. How do I delete a Campaign?

Go to the dashboard and it shows saved campaign drafts; select the campaign you want to delete. On the extreme right of the campaign details you will find the delete bin, click the bin and your campaign would be deleted.

Repeat the same procedure for your sent campaigns.

7. How do I compare my campaigns?

Every marketer wants to compare which campaign performed better especially when split campaigns aren’t an option always. The OctaneGo platform helps you compare two campaigns that will help marketers know what they did right and what they need to improve upon.

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Report analytics’ and click on ‘Campaign Reports’. Then choose the two or more campaigns you want to compare. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘compare’ tab. The report is compared on 4 points: Open, Clicks, Unsubscribed and Bounced rate. You can also export his report for further reference in both HTML and XLS form, for further reference. The HTML report will show you graphs whereas the XLS file will get you tabbed information.

8. I saved a newsletter as a draft? Where is it?

When you login to your account the dashboard is divided into two parts the lower part has the drafts.

Template Builder

1. How do I create a newsletter?

On OctaneGo panel there is in a full service Template Builder. Here is how it works.

  • You can either create a template from scratch or use a pre-existing template in the system to create your newsletter
  • Go to ‘create send’ menu and select ‘manage templates’, here is where you will find the template builder
  • Choose a template and name it according to your need
  • Then click edit on your template and you will be taken to the HTML editor option
  • The editor then helps you to edit and insert content, images, tags, social media icons and videos with an easy drag and drop editor
  • You can then preview it and then send the campaign

Please note that all these newsletters are responsive in design.

2. How can I send a newsletter to selected contacts only?

Login to your account, click on Create Send, select Create New Campaign, and follow the following steps:

  • Define your campaign and sender details
  • Select the recipients for this campaign, you can upload a list from your desktop or you also got an option to type it manually

3. I saved a newsletter as a draft? Where is it?

Login to your account, go to Create Send. Click on Saved Drafts, you will find all the saved newsletters.

4. Where can I view my delivered newsletters?

Login to your account, click on Report & Analytics all of your sent campaigns are listed in this section. You can see the sent on date, recipients, unique opened, unique clicked and also compare the performance.

5. While creating my message, I selected several campaigns, and some subscribers are in multiple campaigns list. Will they get multiple emails?


6. How do I integrate OctaneGo with Google Analytics?

You can embed your website’s unique Google Analytics code inside the mailer that you upload or send through the OctaneGo platform. This way you can track the clicks that end up coming from the mailer to your website.

7. How can I embed a Video?

You can embed a video when you are creating your newsletter using the Template builder. The Template builder has a video tagging option on the right side of the screen. Click the tag and a window will open. You can upload a video of mp4 and ogg format. Also put a fall back link and image in case the ISP doesn’t support video, the fall back image will be seen and the video window won’t come as blank.

8. How do I create my own template from scratch?

You can create your own template via OctaneGo’s Template Builder tool.

  • Go to ‘create send’ menu and select ‘manage templates’, here is where you will find the template builder
  • Here you will get an options of ‘start from scratch’, wherein you can start creating your newsletter template block by block.
  • You can later send this template as a you send a normal campaign from OctaneGo platform

9. What editing options are available inside email creator?

Following are the things you can edit on OctaneGo’s Template Builder:

  • Content
  • Personalization tag
  • Images (drag and drop images editor)
  • Video Tag/ Insert Video
  • Page Break and Anchor
  • Social integration
  • Insert tables
  • See the HTML and view source code
  • Insert unsubscribe, view web version, mobile version and forward to a friend links

10. How can I personalize my emails?

  • You can personalise your email by putting a personalization tag in your HTML with a fall-back tag. For e.g. you are personalising your mailer with first name but a few emails in your list don’t have first name, the fall back tag can say friend/delegate/ marketer etc.
  • If you don’t know how to do that, upload your html to the panel go to the HTML editor and insert the personalization tag on the place you want in the mailer.

11. How do I avoid looking like a Phisher?

The best way to avoid looking like a phisher is not to be one. Focus on good content, good keywords, mobile friendly mailers, easy on eye (70:30, Text and Graphics) are some key points to consider. On a more technical note, whitelist your domain if you are sending emails more frequently and ensure basics like FBL are completed.

12. Where can I find HTML email template inside OctaneGo?

Login to your account. Go to Create Send tab, select Manage Template. You will find the Basic Editor, with basic editor you can easily edit, delete and preview the templates. You can also Create a new template. Now this will give you three options:

  • Import your template:
  • Start from Scratch:
  • Use custom template:

13. Can I use my own HTML template for my message?

Login to your account, click on Create Send, select Create New Campaign, follow the following steps:

  • Define your campaign and sender details
  • Select the recipients for this campaign
  • Select content types for the campaign, here you have 3 options, select HTML only, upload your template from your desktop, the file should be Zip/Rar/Html file. Click on next, preview your campaign and send test mails

14. What is the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message?

Plain text has no formatting. Plain text typically is represented as looking very plain. It’s often displayed using what’s called a “mono-spaced” font – meaning that each character takes up the same space on the line.

HTML started as the way to describe how web pages should look. It includes ways to specify formatting, colors, positioning, and some amount of layout. As email became more popular, people started wanting to make their messages “look” as nice as they felt web pages looked.

15. How can I preview my email before I send it?

Login to your account, click on Create Send, select Create New Campaign, follow the following steps:

  • Define your campaign and sender details
  • Select the recipients for this campaign
  • Select content types for the campaign, here you have 3 options, select HTML only, upload your template from your desktop, the file should be Zip/Rar/Html file. Click on next, preview your campaign and send test mails

16. Why do you suggest creating a plain text version of my HTML text?

Some subscribers may use an email program that does not handle HTML. Or they may view the email from a mobile device.

The Plain Text can be added to all HTML messages, to give subscribers more than one way to view your messages. The Plain Text content can differ from your HTML message if you wish. However, you can save time in editing mode by clicking Automatic plain text message in Create step, where you can preload the text.

17. Can I remove or edit unsubscribe link?

Every message sent from OctaneGo account contains an unsubscribe link and which cannot be changed or removed.

18. Why is OctaneGo badge displayed in my emails?

OctaneGo badge is not displayed in all mails but they will appear in the free offered emails credits initially.

19. How do I add attachments to my message?

Adding attachment is an enterprise offering, please email us on contact@octane.in.

20. Why does my message look fine in the editor but broken when I receive it?

  • Different ISPs render and allow different codes
  • It can also happen hat your mailer is not responsive and you are seeing it in a mobile device so it’s looking broken

21. What is a predefined field?

The attributes you have mentioned in the list are pre-defined. For e.g.: email ids, name, gender, DOB, address etc…

22. How can I preload messages from another account or campaign?

It can be done through the ‘edit and re-send campaign’ option.

23. How can I integrate social media in my emails via OctaneGo platform?

According to Octane Research’s Annual e-Marketing Study 2015 ‘44% marketers in India integrate social media in their emails’ and 74% of these marketers said that it helps in ‘increased exposure’.

Login to your OctaneGo account and the click on ‘create send’ on the top menu and select ‘manage templates’. You will enter the templates dashboard, now whose ‘drag and drop builder’ option. Now select the template you want to integrate social media to. You can see in the preview that this template doesn’t have social media integration. Now click on ‘edit’ to edit the template. The template builder will open. Now insert a text block to create space to integrate your social media icons. You can also use the horizontal ruler to do the same. Then go to block styles to save the change, if you don’t it won’t be directly saved by ‘save and return to templates’ option present on the top right corner of the page. Got back to the blocks option and choose social media blocks. Keep on inserting the blocks depending on the number of social media links you want to share. You can choose from 5 accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Now define the Links text, Link icon and the Link URL of every icon. We are inserting for Facebook and Twitter for this video. Save to ‘save the block’ and choose ‘add more block’ to add more social icons blocks. Now to change the design of these icons go to ‘styles’ where you can change the alignment, layout, icon size and style. Don’t forget to go back and save the changes you have made. Now click on ‘save and return to templates’ option to return to the templates dashboard.

Preview the template again and now social media is integrated in this template.

24. How can I add columns in my email template?

Login to the OctaneGo account go to the Template Builder dashboard and select ‘create new template’. You can choose from ‘start from scratch’ or ‘custom templates’, in this video we picked ‘start from scratch’.

The ‘columns’ option is present in the main tool bar under ‘blocks’. Drag and drop the columns option into the template and it will show you the kinds of columns present in the template builder. You can choose from ‘image only’, ‘image + text’ and ‘text only’ option.We have chosen ‘image + text’ column. Choose the text box and write the txt you want in the text column. Now go to the ‘block style’ menu from which you can change the background of the box, give the box outline and define spaces of the box. You can also change the text’s font size, colour and alignment as per your need. Don’t forget the click ‘save changes’.Now click on the image box and upload any image you want to. You can choose from mages in the system or you can upload from your personal computer. You can easily drag the columns as per your design needs and save the template.

25. How to insert custom tag in our email templates?

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘create send’ on the top menu and select ‘manage templates’. You can add custom segments in your email templates via both ‘Basic Editor’ and ‘Drag and Drop Builder’.

For ‘Basic Editor’ click on ‘edit’ on the template you want to put custom tag in. On the right corner you can see what all custom tags you can insert in your template. You can choose from Unsubscribe link, email web version, forward a friend, social media share and personalised tag etc. For the ‘Drag and Drop Editor’ click edit on the template you want to put custom tag to. Insert a text block, in the block details you can find ‘custom tag’ option. Click on ‘custom tag’, where you can find the tags like Unsubscribe link, email web version, forward a friend, social media share etc.

26. How do I work on HTML Editor?

The‘Basic Editor’ tool on the OctaneGo platform helps you edit the templates you have designed without using our Template Builder and uploaded from your personal computers into the system.

Login to your OctaneGo account and go to ‘create send’ on the top menu and select ‘manage templates’. Then select the HTML template you want to edit and the HTML editor will open.

You have many options to edit your templates like –

File: that helps you create a new document or print a document
Edit: that helps you in cut, copy and pasting content of your HTML
Insert: that helps you insert images, text and links into the body of your HTML. This option also helps you in giving spaces in your template and also creates page breaks
View: it helps in previewing the campaign before clicking save and also show you hidden characters in your HTML
Format: this option helps you format your template’s text with options like bold, italics and superscripts etc., which also comes with a clear formatting option
Table: helps you in creating and inserting a table in your template
Tools: option helps you see the source code. If you want to directly change design in the code, you can use this option to do so

Basic things you can use the HTML Editor for:

How to insert a personalization tag? : Just write the text you want and use the ‘personalise’ option to insert a tag basis your need, like full name, first name etc.

To change the text you can also use prior formatting options present in the system : You can change the text colour, size and alignment very easily, with options present in the main tool bar on the top of the HTML editor

You can change the size, text and linking of your text columns, simply by clicking the insert link button in the top tool bar and dragging the box as per need

For re-sizing your images you can also choose the image option in the tool bar and change the dimension option

You can also insert important links like ‘unsubscribe’ to the bottom of your template by using pre-created tags in the system

After making these change click on the ‘eye’ icon on the tool bar to preview the changes

Now click on ‘next’ at the bottom of the page to save the changes you have made. You can also preview the template from the Basic editor dashboard.

27. How to create and use a snippet?

There are many design elements and texts that you use quite often in your mailers like contact information or logo headers etc. Since, it’s a hassle to re-create these parts every time you create a new mailer; creating and saving a ‘Snippet’ helps to insert these recurring parts of the mailers in just one click. In this video we will show you how to create and insert a snippet.

Login to your OctaneGo account and go to the template builder dashboard. Click on ‘drag and drop builder’, please note that you can only create snippets via drag and drop builder and not the basic editor. Choose the template you want to create a snippet in and click on ‘edit’. Now find a place you want to insert your snippet and add a text box. We are creating a terms and conditions footer which is used in all email footers. Write the text, insert links and style it as per your need.

Now hover on the text box you just created, in the tight corner you will see an‘arrow’ sign. This sign is for saving a snippet, click on it and give your snippet a name and save it. You have now successfully created a snippet.

Now let’s enter the snippet in another mailer. Click on edit on the mailer you want to insert the snippet to. We created a footer, so scroll down to insert the snippet in the bottom. Click on snippets tab in the main builder menu. Locate the snippet and drag it to the footer. Save the template.

You have now successfully created and added a snippet in your template using the OctaneGo Template Builder. The same procedure applies if you want to create an image snippet.

28. How to preview a template?

Login to your OctaneGo account and then click ‘create and send’ from the top menu and choose ‘Manage Templates’.

For Basic Editor, you can preview by clicking preview on the template. You can also preview by clicking on the campaign and when the editor opens click on the ‘eye icon’ on the top menu.
For ‘Drag and Drop Editor’ you can preview the campaign by clicking preview, similar as ‘basic editor’, you can also click on the campaign and the click on the ‘eye icon’ on the top menu. Then you get 2 options either to preview the campaign ‘right now’ or to send the campaign to your inbox and preview it there.

29. How to use the Template builder?

The drag and drop ‘Template Builder’ will help you put your creativity in the right direction, with simple tool sets that will create great designs.

Login to your Octane account and click on ‘create send’ and select ‘manage templates’. Now select the ‘drag and drop editor’ and click on the ‘create new template’ tab present at the far right corner of the page. Now give your template a name and click ‘save’. You can edit text files by just double clicking on them. The left side of the builder has a tool set that helps you edit and create text boxes and images. We will now personalise the email. You can choose the personalise tag from the top bar and insert a style as per your need, we have chosen ‘first name’. You can format your text by pre-defines format options if the editor. Now to the ‘block styles’ and save the changes you have made. Who said personalisation was hard? Now, click on ‘blocks’ menu in the main tool bar and insert a text box in the template. Drag the text box onto the template and double click on it to start editing it. Re-write the text and then go to ‘blocks style’ to change how your text box looks. You can change the background of your text box and also give it a border. You can then format the text via change font type, font color, font size and text alignment. Once done, click on ‘save change’ to move ahead.

We will now insert an image on the template by using the image block. Double click on the image and the image window will open in the tool bar. Click on browse to upload the image of your choice to the template. You can either upload an image from your computer, choose an image from an existing glossary in the Template Builder or the image you have used in the earlier mailers. You can resize the image with a drag and then click on ‘block style’ to edit the background of the image, padding, margins and alignment of the image. Then save changes.

You can also add action buttons to your template by dragging and dropping the ‘button’ image from the blocks option. Double click on the button, you can now change its text, URL, size and alignment. Similarly as above the ‘block style’ option will help you give the button different background colour, font colour, change font type and change buttons placement. At the end don’t forget to click ‘save changes’.

If you want to divide you templates in parts, toy can use the ‘horizontal ruler’ to create this separation by drawing lines between 2 sections. You can change the spacing and style of the lines as per your need. This will help your template to be cleaner and readable.

Social Media Integration is integral to email communication. The social media button helps to do so. Drag the button on to the template and give it a name and define its URL. We are adding Facebook, Twitter and a LinkedIn social media icon. Go to settings option to edit the style of these icons – you can change their layout, icon size, alignment and icon style.

The Template Builder has various text only, image only and Text +image columns option to add into your template. As the above image and text block you can edit them and style them as per your need.

Every block as 4 icons when you hover on them, the left hand side icon in a diamond shape, this icon helps you to move your blocks. The document icon helps you to ‘clone’ a block and the dustbin icon helps you delete a block. Now go to the main styles menu adjacent the block menu. This menu helps to change the look of the complete template. Width of the complete template, background colour of the template, background colour of the fonts and the same for the text options as well.

To create a snippet hover on the block you want to create a snippet of. Since, social media links and buttons are a requirement of all templates, let’s create a snippet of social media integration. Hover on these blocks and click on the downward-arrow icon, now name the snippet and save it. You can drag and drop of snippet in other templates for later use. When you have created your template, toy can preview it before sending. Click on ‘share preview now’ and you will be able to see how your template looks on desktop device and mobile device. You can also send an email to your id to see how the template renders, is it responsive or not. Now ‘save and return to templates’, now you know how to use OctaneGo’s drag and drop ‘Template Builder’.

30. What is the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message?

HTML stands for ‘Hyper Text Mark-up Language’,it means that it’s a way web
pages are encoded to handle things like bold, italics and colour etc. Whereas, plain next is plain it will look like a simple notepad or TXT format doc on an email.

31. Can I remove or edit an unsubscribe or update links at the bottom of my message?

Unsubscribe link is mandatory in all campaign sent by OctaneGo platform. You can’t send a campaign without an unsubscribe link.

32. Why is OctaneGo badge displayed in my emails?

OctaneGo badge displays in all free and NGO/association accounts. If you are a paid account the badge would be removed.

33. How do I add attachments to my message?
While uploading the creative on the platform, it asks for an attachment. Click on the attachment check box and then upload an attachment.

34. Why is OctaneGo badge displayed in my emails?

OctaneGo badge displays in all free and NGO/association accounts. If you are a paid account the badge would be removed.

API and Dynamic Content

1. I am a developer. Where can I find information about API?

Login to your account. Click on Settings on the right side, you will find the API Setting tab on the page, click on it you will find all the details related to API. You will now have the access to your-

  • API Key
  • API Password (which can be changed)
  • Integration Kit which have all the supporting documents related to API instructions: Sending Emails using a Template, Sending Bulk Email and Creating a Template
Reports and Statistics

1. Where can I see the statistics for a specific campaign or message?

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Reports and Analysis’ on the top menu-bar and then click on ‘campaign reports’. The reports dashboard will open with all your sent campaigns. Locate the campaign you want to see reports for, click on the campaign ans you would be able to see the campaign reports.

2. What is Open Rate Tracking?

The number of people who have opened your email are email opens or the ability to keep track of the number of opens (“reads”) a message gets is Open Rate Tracking.

3. My open rate statistics are not available. What may be causing this?

Either your campaign is not effective and not responding or no one has opened it yet. Also, please note that plain text campaigns are not track-able.

4. What is Click Tracking?

Our Click Tracking feature allows customers to track how many times each link in your message have been clicked-on by your subscribers.

5. Why does my statistics panel indicate that my newsletter was sent to fewer people than I have on my list?

This can occur due to bounces (hard/soft). Hard Bounce happens when you have wrong email ids or your domain is black listed by your subscribers. Soft bounces occur due to relaying problems, routing errors or the inbox of your subscriber is full etc.

6. How many bounced email addresses are normal?

The allowed bounce rate is anything between 0.1% to 2%. If you have a significantly higher bounce rate, we recommend you look more deeply into how the list was gathered, how frequently it has been used and how bounces and unsubscribes have been handled in the past.

7. What is hard and soft bounce?

A bounce is an email that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some technical reason. Bounces are of two types:

  • Hard bounces are permanent blocks, such as an email address that do not exist or has been deleted. Such email addresses are removed from the list straight away. The primary reasons for this was recipient email address does not exist, domain name does not exist, recipient email server has completely blocked delivery, soft bounces. Email addresses classified as other hard bounce are removed from the list after 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts over the course of a 32 day period.
  • Soft bounces are email addresses removed after we have detected delivery issues such as an email inbox that is full, a mail server that is temporarily unavailable or the recipient no longer has an e-mail account at that address. In such cases, we try to deliver any further messages 4 more times within a 32 day period. If all our attempts fail, the email address that couldn’t receive the messages will be automatically removed from your mailing list to prevent your mailing list from becoming cluttered with bad emails.

The contacts removed after marking the message as spam are not available in the account. It is not possible to see which email addresses marked your message as Spam.To see statistics for complaints and bounces choose ‘reports and analytics’ and then ‘campaign reports’ in your Dashboard menu. Click on the campaign you want to check bounce summary of and then click on the top right tab that says ‘reporting options’. In the drop-down menu you will ‘bounce summary’ click on that button and you will see soft and hard bounces for that campaign. These lists are also downloadable for your reference.

8. Should I assume that the emails that does not show up in the bounced reporting was delivered?


9. How long does it take for a bounced email address to appear in the report?

In Real time

10. How can I decrease the spam complaint ratio?

  • Please use Double opt-in process for your newsletter subscription, it ensures that your email id are correct
  • Don’t use purchase database
  • Custom subscriber link in your mailer and make your company logo and name prominent
  • Use a warm up plan for large volumes so that ISPs don’t mark you as spam

11. Can my account be closed because of spam complaints?

Yes. Our in-house excellence team keeps on monitoring your account. If a spam complaint is triggered, we temporarily close your account until a solution is provided.

12. Can I track my sales with OctaneGo?

Yes. We provide goal tracking to track your sales.

13. What is a reasonable unsubscribe rate?

It varies on the kind of campaign you send and the industry to industry. For e.g.: You want a house right now and therefore you have subscribed to 20 newsletters. Once you have bought a property you will unsubscribe to all those newsletters.

14. How do I send a message to contacts that did not open my previous one?

Under the report section of a campaign, you can see un-opened email data under behaviour. Export the un-opened subscriber data and send them a separate message that you think will engage them better than the previous campaign.

15. What does recycled email address mean?

When someone is not using their email id for a long time, those email addresses are sent than allocated to new users. These emails are called recycled email ids.

16. How do I export email addresses from my statistics?

Under the behaviour section of the campaign reports, your emails lists are present; denominated into opens, clicks, bounce and un-opens. All these lists are exportable.

17. How do I check Open Click Activity?

Login to your OctaneGo account click ‘Report and Analytics’ from the top menu and then select ‘Campaign Reports’. You will reach on the campaign dashboard and then select the campaign you want to see the open and click activity of. Then go to the top right of the page and click on the ‘reporting options’ bar and then select’ recipient activity’. Here you can see who opened and clicked on your campaign and you can export these details in a SCV or an XLS file format.

18. How do I change the Real time links?

Sometimes when you are sending a campaign, you insert wrong images or links and this is realised afterwards when the campaign has been delivered. The ‘Real Time Links’ option in OctaneGo gives you an opportunity to change these wrong/broken links and images of that campaign after it has been sent.

Login to your OctaneGo account and then click on ‘Report and Analytics’ present at the top bar and select ‘campaign reports’. Select the campaign whose links you want to changes in real time. The campaign snapshot will open, click on the ‘Reporting Options’ tab on the top right of the page and choose ‘Real time links/image updation’. You will have 3 options – Update Links, Update Images and Update Tags.

Click on the link you want to update and then type in the link you want to change it to and then save it. The same can be done to change the image. The tag option helps you to tag a link that you want to particularly follow on clicks. Once you have changed these links and images, your subscribers will access the new links. It will not happen on Gmail, as Gmail caches images and always shows the original image of the campaign.

After changing the links, return to the campaign snapshot and preview the changes on the campaign creative. This is how to change links in real time for your campaigns, helping you to track the consumer behaviour.

19. How do I check click and open device activity?

Login to your OctaneGo account click ‘Report and Analytics’ from the top menu and then select ‘Campaign Reports’.

You will reach on the campaign dashboard and then select the campaign you want to see the open and click activity of. Then go to the top right of the page and click on the ‘reporting options’ bar and then select’ recipient activity’. Here you can see who opened and clicked on your campaign and you can export these details in a SCV or an XLS file format.

20. How can I check my bounce summary?

Welcome to OctaneGo and in this video we will learn how to check the bounce summary of a sent campaign.

Click on ‘Reports and Analytics’ present in the main menu and then click ‘Campaign Reports’. Then select the campaign you want to see the reports for. Then click on reporting options and choose ‘bounce summary’. Now you can see the hard bounce and the soft bounce summary of your campaign.

21. Where can I see that my campaign was seen on what all devices?

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Reports and Analytics’ present in the main menu and then click ‘Campaign Reports’. Then click on the campaign you want the repot form. The campaign snapshot will open. Scroll down to the end of the page were you can view on what all devices your campaign was opened.

22. How do I search for contacts who have not opened?

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Reports and Analytics’ present on the top menu and then select ‘Campaign Reports’.

Then click on the campaign you want to see the unsubscribe report of. Then go to the ‘Reporting Options’ tab present on the top right of the page and then choose ‘recipient Activity’. Go to the ‘Unopened’ tab and you can see who all have not opened your campaign.

Billing Information

1. Can I try OctaneGo before buying?

Yes! You can create an account and get 1000 free email credits which will help you try and appreciate the power of OctaneGo before you purchase.

2. What are email credits?

Emails credits are the amount of credits bought by you. Each email credit is equal to one email message sent by you through the OctaneGo platform

3. Do you offer bulk discount?

OctaneGo platform offers pricing for purchases below 3 million, for volume above 3 million+ you can contact- octane.in/contact-us/

4. Why is my credit card being declined?

We will have limited knowledge and would request you to check with the credit card company or with your bank.

5. How does the billing work for auto responders?

We bill no differently for the auto responders, it’s totally based on the number of credits used.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Card, Mobile Payment & Paytm Wallet.

7. What is the OctaneGo’s refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy. We request you to experience our platform service (through free credits) before you buy.

8. How to make payments?

When your account is activated, login to your account and make payment as per the amount of credits you need. On the top right menu of the screen you will find the Billing tab, kindly click on it. You have option of buying both Email and SMS credits. Type the number credits you want to buy. Then you get – buy via online transaction. For buying via online transaction click on the pink tab that says ‘Pay Now’. You will enter the payment dashboard where you have to fill-in all your details and then click on ‘check out’. You will now entre the online payment getaway dashboard, wherein you will fill your card details and make the payment.

9. How do I download Invoice?

To download your payment invoice login to your OctaneGo account and click on Billing tab present on the top right menu of the page. You will enter the billing dashboard, now click on ‘view previous invoice’ present under the billing tab. You complete payment history will open. Now select the invoice you want to download and click on ‘view invoice’. Your payment invoice will be downloaded in your system in a PDF format.

10. What is the monthly cost of OctaneGo?

OctaneGo is a paid credits based platform. You pre-pay for each email and sms sent through OctaneGo. There is no monthly charge.

11. Where can I view my billing information?

Login to your account, go to settings and click on Manage Account. On this page, you will see your billing details.

12. How can I change my billing information?

Login to your account, go to settings and click on Manage Account. Go to Edit Account details Tab and change the information as per your requirement.
In this page you can change-

  • Name of the Account
  • Email Id
  • Company Name
  • Company website
  • Contact number
  • Company address
  • Timezone

Click on the Save option, your all the billing information is changed as per your requirement.

SMS Marketing

1. Why is SMS Marketing important?

There are still a large population in India which is not online. However, this population has a mobile and can be reached via SMS and not via Email and Social Media channels. This makes SMS a very important Digital 1:1 marketing channel for communication.

2. What kind of SMS campaigns can we send from OctaneGo?

We can send Promotional SMS through OctaneGo platform.

3. How can I create a SMS campaign on OctaneGo?

Login to your OctaneGo account and follow these steps:

  • On the top menu select ‘create send’ and then select ‘create new campaign’ from the drop-down menu
  • Then choose your ‘campaign type’ to be SMS campaign
  • Name your campaign, then choose the subscribers you want to send the campaign to, write your SMS content and then test for delivery and send

4. Where can I see my SMS campaign reports?

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘reports and analytics’ present on the top menu. Then click on the ‘campaign reports’ and choose SMS campaign. Click on the SMS campaign you want to see the reports for and you could see the detailed reports of that campaign.

5. Where do I get my SMS campaign’s Sender ID / Short Code?

Since Promotional SMS need no permission what so ever, you can send an SMS to anyone, you don’t have static sender IDs for the same. For Promotional SMS the OctaneGo platform generates a new Sender ID (which is system generated) every time.

6. Can I see how to send SMS campaigns from the OctaneGo platform? Like a free trial you have for sending your email campaigns. 

We don’t have a free trail for our SMS service on our platform. You need to create account in OctaneGo platform and then buy SMS credits on the platform. We will then activate SMS sending from our back-end for your account and post that you can start sending SMS campaigns from your OctaneGo account.

Web Form for Lead Generation

1. What is a Web Form and how do I create one?

A web-form is a HTML page in which you can define place-holders to get data from your visitors, subscribers or prospects.

2. What is the difference between a pop over and a light box?

When you click on a link and it opens on the same page as a pop-up it is called a Pop Over Box. A Light Box is similar to a pop-up box, the only difference is the background of the pop-up box will turn dark to highlight the box even more by blurring the content in the background.

3. Can I create new custom fields in my web forms?

Yes, you can. Go to ‘manage lists’ and click on ‘subscriber list’ and choose the list in which you want to add custom fields. On the top of the page you will see the number of segments in the list that are already present. Click on segments and then you will get into the page where you can add more segments. Type in the segments kinds you want (gender, DOB etc…). Then click on ‘import subscribers from web form’ and tick mark all the segments you want to appear in your web form.

This is how you add custom fields in your web form on the OctaneGo platform.

4. I don’t have a website, but would like to use the web form to grow my mailing list. Can I do that?

Yes you can. Create the web-form on the OctaneGo platform and it will generate a HTML Code. Embed the HTML code in your email creative and send that email across to people with the ‘subscribe to us’ action. No website needed.

5. Where can I find web form ID?

There is no unique web-form ID, when you create the web-from you need to embed the HTML code generated in your mailer code.

6. Can I install the web form on the WordPress page?

Yes you can, as mentioned above.

7. How do I create HTML web form code from scratch?

By creating a new web-from.


1. What is an Auto-responder?

Auto-responders are messages that are set to go automatically. They are also known as Triggers. They help us automate campaigns and also manage one-to-one with your recipients.

There are 3 kinds of Auto-responders you can create:

Time Based

This type of auto-responder is sent to your contacts in a sequence of intervals starting from the day a contact opts-in to your campaigns. For e.g.: Day 0 (instant message), 3, 5, 7, 11, 14, 20. This can be used to send automatic message to any contact that joins your list.

Event Based

This type of auto-responder is sent when the subscriber performs an action you specified. For e.g.: clicks the link, opens the message, changes personal details and subscribes to your newsletter.

Activity Based

This type of auto-responder is on a subscriber’s open and click activity. You can define a trigger- if a subscriber clicked on a link or opened your email.

2. How do I create a time based auto-responder?

  • Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘Triggers’ on the top menu and then select ‘Crete new trigger’ from the drop down menu
  • Choose create ‘On Date’ trigger
  • Under trigger action you will find 4 time based actions- immediately, after, before and exact date
  • Immediately will send your trigger right away when the said action is done
  • After is the time you can set after how many hours a trigger will go after the said action is done
  • Before is the time you can set before how many hours a trigger will go after the said action is done
  • Exact date trigger is for Birthdays and etc…, the trigger will be sent on the exact date you chose

3. How do I create an Event Based Auto-Responder?

As stated above you can use a time trigger to create an event trigger and keep your trigger reasons as birthdays, anniversaries, subscription confirmation etc…

4. How do I create Action Triggers?

OctaneGo platform allows you to create 2 kinds of Action based triggers, which are open activity and click activity.

Login to your OctaneGo account and click on ‘triggers’ present in the top menu and select ‘create new triggers’. The triggers dashboard will open; go to ‘create trigger’ present on the top right corner of the page and then select ‘open campaigns’ to create a trigger on open activity of your campaign. Give a name to your trigger and then define the trigger action. Select the campaign on which you want to set a trigger on, which you can also preview and then set the time for your trigger. You can set the trigger for ‘immediately’ i.e. when the subscriber opens your email the trigger campaigns is sent to them on that very moment. You can also choose an exact time when you want to send the trigger campaign, with ‘exactly at’ action or define after how much time you want it to be triggers with ‘after’ action. In this video we are choosing ‘exactly at’ action.

Then you define that one the action is triggered what you want to do. You can send them another campaign, or delete and add subscribers to another list. Adding them to another list will help you target them separately as you know that these subscribers are interested in your content as they opened your campaign. In this video we are sending them a campaign as a trigger. Select the campaign you want to send them and then define subject line, from name, from email and reply to email for the trigger campaign. Now, save and activate your trigger. You have successfully created an ‘open campaign trigger’. Now, go back to the top right corner of the page click on ‘create trigger’ and select ‘links clicked’ for linked click action trigger. Define the trigger as you did in the open trigger. Trigger name and campaign on which you want to deploy the trigger on. Then click on ‘click’ to define the link you want to deploy the trigger on. In this video we choose ‘download the report’ link and will send subscribers who clicked on the link a thank you for downloading trigger. Now define the subject line, sender name, sender email id and reply on email id for the trigger campaign.

Now, save and activate your trigger. You have successfully created a ‘links clicked trigger’.

5. How do I set the conditions for the Auto-Responder?

Our platform helps you create triggers basis Event, Time, Open and Click Activity.

6. How do I change the intervals of time based Auto-responders?

You can choose 5 number of action on a trigger and for all actions you can manage different time and date for each of those 5 triggers.

7. How many emails can I send per day from one campaign?

There is no limit to the number of emails you can send. However, we don’t recommend sending too many emails in a short period of time, unless the subscriber expects it. Otherwise, the subscriber may not like it and will unsubscribe from your emails.

8. Can I set-up more than one auto-responder to go out from one campaign after the same condition is met?

Yes. As stated above for one condition you can send up-to 5 triggers.

9. What is the difference between a newsletter and auto-responder message?

A newsletter is not action based where as an auto-responder is.
Newsletter is sent to all subscribers in the list where as an auto-responder isn’t. Once a subscriber will take an action like clicking a link in the newsletter than on his/her’s click activity an auto-responder will be sent to them which can be time and event based.

10. What is the difference between a newsletter and autoresponder message?

A newsletter is not action based where as an auto-responder is.
Newsletter is sent to all subscribers in the list where as an auto-responder isn’t. Once a subscriber will take an action like clicking a link in the newsletter than on his/her’s click activity an auto-responder will be sent to them which can be time and event based.

A/B Tests

1. What is an A/B Test?

This is a type of beta- program in which various versions of your campaign are sent to distinct consumer segments to see which one generates the best response (opens, clicks, shares or conversions). For example: If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers and you are confused if you should send a campaign on Monday or Friday, you can send versions A and B to half of one percent of your subscribers i.e. 250 respondents. The version that will garner the best response can then be sent to the remaining subscribers. You can also select under which criteria (e.g. Opens or Clicks) you wish to select the best campaign version.

OctaneGo provides A to Z Tests wherein you can send more than two versions of your beta campaigns.

2. Where can I find the A/B testing feature?

Go to ‘create send’ and chose ‘create new campaign’ and then chose ‘split campaign’ from the campaign type menu. Split campaign are A/B split campaigns.

3. What type of A/B tests can I choose from?

At OctaneGo we provide a timing associated A/B testing:

  • Sending Day & Time: Day and time is about when (time, day, date) you want to dispatch your campaign.
  • Mailer Design: This can be in terms to image ratio, content placement, call to action, colour etc. We recommend fewer images due to default block image in email clients.  A/B split testing is the right way to find out which ratio will work for you.
  • Subject Line: This is the most important factor as it determines if the receiver will open the email or not. We have seen that a subject line goes a long way in positively impacting a campaigns open rates.

Similarly, other A/B test options can be font size variation, placement and size of call to actions, colour schemes, recipient’s location or demographics, subscriber behaviour and history and so on.

4. How many recipients should I include in my testing group?

Recipients in the test campaigns on A/B split testing completely depends on the total subscribers that you are targeting. You must test at least 10% of total subscribers for each test campaigns giving at least 1 hour to perform.

5. Can I schedule my A/B tests?

Yes, you schedule the split campaign.

6. Where can I find the A/B test statistics?

You can find your A/B test statistics in the split campaign test results under ‘Reports and Analytics’ and ‘campaign reports’.

7. What type of A/B tests can I choose from?

Systems give the option to change either subject lines or content or both for A/B split test.

8. How is the best performing message being sent?

You have to select the criteria for the campaign. Our system provides options either Open rates or Click rates can be set as criteria. Which ever campaign performs better on the set criteria is sent by the system to the entire list.

9. Can I save an A/B test?

Yes it can be saved in drafts.

10. Can I test different parts of the message in one A/B test?

You can test the subject line and content.

Responsive Email Design

1. Why do my emails look different on mobile devices?

If you check your email on mobile phones, you must have noticed that sometimes the message appears neatly formatted, with sufficient large and easily readable fonts, however, sometimes they don’t. This is because the design is not responsive and is not tailor-made for mobile devices.

This is one of the major problems for email marketers these days as maximum number of emails are viewed on mobile devices. If the email does not appear nice, and is not easily readable and the subscriber is not engaged; there are high chances of the subscribers will either delete your email or unsubscribe from your emails.

The fix to this problem is Responsive Email Design, which automatically converts your emails to look great on mobile devices. This means:

  • The text will be scaled to fit the mobile phone’s screen, making it easy to read
  • Multi-column email templates will cascade into a single column view, which makes your content easily readable on mobile devices (there’s nothing more frustrating for your email recipient than having to scroll through your email both vertically and horizontally to view multiple columns).

This will help you get better subscriber engagement, more click through rate, fewer unsubscribe rate and complaints.

2. Can I make my template look perfect on mobile devices?

Yes, by creating a responsive HTML design.

3. How do I enable mobile preview in email creator?

This can be done via our Litmus tool. Litmus tool enables you to see how your mailer would render on any device be it mobile or desktop.

4. How does the new responsive design influence the existing templates?

It doesn’t effects your existing template. It will still work on normal desktop clients. Responsive means the template is optimised for mobile viewing.

5. How to adapt my current drafts for mobile?

Use our Template Builder feature to create responsive mailers for mobile. We have inbuilt templates in our platform that will allow you to create responsive mailers.

6. Which mobile devices are supported?

Mostly all Android and IOS devices are supported. The templates will scale to adjust to tablets and Windows mobiles.

7. I don’t need responsive design. Can I turn it off?

There is no turning on or turning off responsive email designs.

8. Can I check how the message looks in the email box before I send it?

When you create a campaign and finish the 3 steps of campaign details, uploading the content and the list, the platform will ask you to schedule the campaign. On the same page will be the option test email.

To see the preview of the email an email id (you can put a maximum of 5 email ids), send a test campaign on the stated email id and see then login into the email id to see how the email rendered in the inbox before sending the final campaign.


Email Deliverability

1. How good is your email deliverability?

We at OctaneGo believe in providing best-in-class email deliverability. Email deliverability depends upon many factors:

  • List characteristics: whether your list is opt-in or bought
  • Has your subscriber marked you spam
  • Has your subscriber abandoned their old email id with which they were subscriber to you
  • Has the ISP black listed your domain
  • Different industries have different deliverability rates
  • Frequent volume change
  • Relevancy of content
  • Active and filtered lists
  • Email infrastructure
  • Time of sending the emails and pre-testing of the email campaigns

2. What are the best email practices that influence delivery?

These are briefly explained in 5 concise points:

  • Upload only those lists of email subscribers who have opted-in for your email campaigns. We recommend double opt-in
  • Provide your subscribers with valuable and relevant content. The images and text should be in 60/40 ratio. Do not make the content too dense or lengthy. The subscribers should receive only those emails that have subscribed for. This will help proper email engagement and subscribers will be eager to receive your emails and not report your emails as spam
  • Do not flood your recipients with too many emails. If you see lower engagement rates, take some preventive steps to determine the subscribers who are not interested in your email and try to regain them. If they are still unresponsive, remove them from the list.
  • Respect your subscribers if they unsubscribe. Process their request(s) and listen to your recipients suggestions.
  • Use your website name or a relevant ‘from email address’ as your ISP so that the receiver is able to place your company as the sender of the mail and not report it as spam. We recommend you to not use ISPs like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and the likes as it might cause your emails to bounce.

3. What is the deliverability rate of messages sent through OctaneGo?

Message deliverability rate is negatively affected when the subscriber list is unfiltered, old, inactive, purchased; due to networking or connection or server issues; if the recipient’s mail box is full.

4. Why do ISPs recognize messages as spam differently?

This could occur due to blacklisted IP, lowering of IP reputation from email address getting blacklisted, sending domain getting blacklisted, lowering of reputation of the sending domain or from email address.

5. Why legal compliance is important?

Legal compliance is necessary because it is pivotal to make sure that your mails are genuine. Once the mail is considered as spam it becomes a challenge to get back into the inboxes of users. To build up trust with the ISP it is important to make sure that you have completed all legal formalities in some other countries there are additional policies that you have to go through such as CANSPAM (US and Canada), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (UK).

6. Why shouldn’t I re-add bounced emails to my list?

Bounced email is an email which was not delivered for some reason and has returned to the sender. There are two types of bounces, namely hard bounce and soft bounce.

The OctaneGo platform removes the hard bounced emails immediately and puts it in the suppression list. Soft bounced emails are removed from the list after a few unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Adding the bounced email(s) back to the list can lead to:

  • Getting bounced email(s) again which negatively impacts the response to the campaign
  • The reputation of ‘from field address’ and the IP is hampered; any future mailing will be blocked by the email clients
  • Addresses removed due to hard or soft bounce are confirmed to be invalid and adding them to the list will just increase the cost without any chance of generating ROI

7. Can OctaneGo influence whether ISPs deliver emails?

The OctaneGo platform cannot influence ISPs. We keep ourselves abreast about the various lateral policies and can help you get your mails validated by many domains.

8. How does the from field address reputation influence my deliverability to the inbox vs spam folder?

Major ISPs consider a lot of factors before placing the message in the Inbox or the spam folder. If there is a low engagement rate, higher complaints, spam trap hits or suspicious content from a specific from-field address – the ISP may decide to filter the message to the spam folder.
It is recommended to have your website name as ‘from field address’ or an ISP that is customised to the content emailed.

9. What is spam?

Spam is basically junk email. It is a message that the recipient(s) did not give verifiable permission to receive. These are generally sent in bulk, implying that the message is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all subsequently having identical content.

OctaneGo follows a zero tolerance anti-Spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited emails in any form while using the service.

10. Why do my emails sometimes go into the spam folder?

Sudden negative response of users for your content who might have marked your mails as spam or might have complained to the respective ISP can result in you domain or IP getting blacklisted by a well-known blacklisting website.

11. What is the spam score check feature?

Spam score check feature is to check that your mails are accepted by how many ISP filters and the score that is generated at the end tells that how genuine is your mail considered by ISP filters.

12. Why shouldn’t I use Yahoo, AOL, and Aim email as my email address domain?

There has been recent change in the Yahoo and AOL domains wherein they changed the settings of their Domain Name System (DNS) which specifies that Internet Service Providers will reject all messages that have a “From” address using an @yahoo.com, @aim.com or @aol domains, if they weren’t sent from those mail servers.

This has a negative impact on your deliverability as the emails will bounce if you use these domain names. You should also avoid using other free domains like Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff etc.

13. Why one of my contacts did not receive the newsletter?

Network issues and/or fail of connection with servers may have caused the ISP to have blocked the respective IP or domain from which we are sending the mails.

14. Why am I not receiving my test emails?

This could be due to issues in connection with servers, networking issues. The mail might be in queue on MTA (mail transfer agent) and the MTA is not able to make connection with the IP address.

Social Media Integration

1. Can my newsletters be viewed online?

Yes. Login to your account, click on Create Send, select Create New Campaign, follow the following steps:

  • Define your campaign and sender details
  • Select the recipients for this campaign
  • Select content types for the campaign, here you have 3 options, select HTML only, upload your template from your desktop, the file should be Zip/Rar/Html file. Click on next, preview your campaign

2. How can contacts share my messages on social media sites?

Good offers & good engaging content is more likely to be shared by the subscribers if your emailer/newsletter makes it easier for them to do so. Social sharing inside your mailer content is the way to do this. Your mailer should have social share icons in its design and preferably at the content line item level (and not at the header/footer only).

3. How can I capture new subscribers on my Facebook fan page?

There are two ways to achieve this.

1. On your Facebook fan page, you can use the available widget to integrate your site’s webform. Any FB user can then enter their email ID and signup for your newsletter directly on the Facebook fan page. For an example, you may want to visit https://www.facebook.com/OctaneIn and look at the Subscribe Now option on the left panel to sign up for the newsletter.

2. You may want to deploy Social Login+Consent on your website. Using their social IDs like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, the online user should be able to login to your site for some exclusive content or offer. Online user ID is now available for you to add to your subscriber list.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

The easiest, smartest, most advanced email analytics tool on earth.

Template Builder

Template Builder

Template Builder tool assists/equips your creativity to design customised email template.

Subscriber List Management

Subscriber List Management

Be sure to save your searches to later modify them for advanced segmentation.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Increase your visibility and create buzz around your email campaigns by integrating social media in them.

Automate your Campaigns: Triggers & Responders

Automate your Campaigns: Triggers & Responders

Trigger auto-responders for your subscribers for special occasions.

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Enhance your sales in a few clicks.

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