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By OctaneGo, September 26, 2011 | Tips & Resources

“Dear Customer,

Due to the new TRAI regulations, we will not be able to send you Order Confirmation / Shipment / Delivery SMS notifications, starting 27th September 2011 (tomorrow).”

It is not every day that marketers send out such emails. The reason behind such a message is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s 27th September 2011 rule that will limit the no. of text messages to hundred (100) per day.

Here is the official communication below.


What exactly does this piece of information mean? And how is it relevant for marketers and consumers both? If you got confused by what the TRAI is trying to say, there is no need to worry. We’ve got it sorted out in plain and simple terms.

What will not change?

Some things are bound to remain the same even if such a regulation is in place. Let us also look at this from a company’s perspective, say an online retail company, whose mailer we just received informing us about this recent change. What they do say is that they will send emails instead of SMSs hence we need not worry about not receiving SMS alerts. If you’ve ordered online recently, you would know that a lot of the courier and shipment related communication happens via SMS. You place an order, you receive a text, it is dispatched, and you receive another text and so on till you get final delivery of your product. Even these shipment companies will now look at email marketing companies, which would help them integrating email messages with their software via API. Please click here to know about easy to use API from Octane. You can use this API to relay registration, forgot password, and transaction emails.

What will change?

Now that we have told you what is not going to change, let us see what is going to change and whether it is for better or for worse and for whom. The ultimate aim of this entire exercise is to stop those multiple SMSs that haunt users like you and I throughout the day. . Any number registered over DND will never receive commercial SMS from any service provider, but just in case if your number is not registered with DND you will receive SMS alerts only between 9AM – 9PM. So SMSs are restricted to this 12-hour window. Also most importantly since there is a cap of 100 SMSs per day that can be sent out from any number, and we mean any number running under any sort of scheme, the cost of SMSs will go up and therefore the number of such terrorizing messages will reduce greatly, or so we hope it does.

Like we told you a few weeks back, the government is introducing a DND (Do Not Disturb) number to curb unsolicited text messages. Now mobile phone users can block SMSs by calling or sending a text message to the National Do-Not Call registry (NDNC). Mobile phone users can opt for not receiving text messages in seven categories like real estate, credit cards, consumer durables, banking and finance by registering their number in National Do-Not-Call (NDNC) registry by calling or sending a SMS to toll-free number 1909

But what if you are the sort of online customer who needs to track his shipment, there is a solution for that too, it is called Partial DND and here is how you can implement it. Since there are seven categories under which bulk SMSs will be restricted, you would need to identify and choose the category that you are open to receiving communication from.


What does this mean for consumers and marketers?

Consumers will finally get relief from unsolicited SMSs.

What would marketers be looking to do in such a scenario? If they were purchasing only mobile numbers till now, they would also have to invest in email lists if they were not into permission-based marketing so far. Also, even for companies and organizations such as banks that need to give out constant updates, the focus would now be on permission based email marketing. This is exactly what we do at Octane, and we do build some really awesome email campaigns. There is one principle that we stick to though, no matter how big the companies offer us, we “NEVER” send out spam. We rely solely on our client’s own list build in the organic way and the return on investment speaks for itself.

Where does Octane fit in?

We offer flexibility of implementation like you’ve never seen before.
Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the different variables & scenarios that our clients come to us with. So what we have is a combination that offers you all the features made pre-available in distinct versions that suit your needs. Also, we would help you integrating email messages and your software via API.
Try our service for free –

So if you are a marketer who has been affected by this recent regulation, don’t worry, email marketing has the answer to your problem and it lies with us at Octane.

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