Surefire Tips for Mobile Marketing

By OctaneGo, September 19, 2012 | Tips & Resources

Smartphones and tablets have made deep inroads into the professional and personal lives of people; invariably opening up new possibilities for marketers in an ‘always connected’ digital world. But this world of mobile connectivity does not conform to the wisdom derived from the traditional marketing environment. This can perhaps explain why businesses often struggle to get their mobile campaigns off the ground successfully. Understanding the fundamental differences between the old medium and the new and having a few tips handy can make any modern marketer’s job decidedly simpler.

Here are some important considerations for such marketers aiming at the mobile environment:

  • Location is the key: Mobile users carry their smartphones everywhere they go, which makes location the strongest leverage a marketer has. It allows mobile campaigns to be dynamic; offering users content and special offers based on where they happen to be. It works because it can be a positive experience as well as a highly convenient tool. Mobile devices have built-in technology for discovering location, so do make use of it!
  • Optimize for mobile: Do you have a website? Then make sure there’s an excellent mobile version also. Same goes for your emails, which are increasingly being accessed on mobile devices. From banners to artwork to content, everything needs to be calibrated specially for the mobile. This helps improve user experience substantially and allow your message to really shine through.
  • Customize heavily: The attention span on the mobile is far shorter, which means higher relevance leads to better results. Your content should be extensively customized based on the user’s needs, be it email messages, apps, promotional offers, or something else. Of course this means you’ll have to make a greater effort to find out more about the end-users, which brings us to good engagement.
  • Put some fun into engagement: Mobile is fast-paced and users expect to enjoy their interactions with their devices in various ways. Gamification techniques can help you build conversations by rewarding people for participating. Another idea is to use QR codes to attract potential customers and give them something special for the effort.
  • Make things easy to find: Mobile devices have smaller screen-sizes, have limited hardware navigation tools and are dependent on wireless data connections; which means users don’t expect to dig through multiple links or pages to find information that is of interest to them (as they would otherwise on a desktop). Work on being accessible and making interfaces as simplified and goal-oriented as possible.

The on-going digital revolution demands that we as marketers look at the world with a new set of eyes, the eyes of the mobile customer. In this fast-paced and evolving world, the price for increasing returns and success is constant innovation and creativity.

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