Social + Email: Synergies for e-Marketing

By OctaneGo, May 2, 2012 | Observations & Answers

The fact that email marketing works is demonstrated beyond any doubt by its strong and growing adoption. However, digital marketers also feel—quite correctly—that a campaign launched purely through email can take time to get off the ground. This is why the new trend of ‘social + email’ is catching up fast as companies realize the importance of engagement and dynamic campaign management.

Why Social + Email?

There are many advantages of using social media along with email, such as:

  • Together they form an impressive synergy. Your social media efforts help grow your email list, and your email marketing fuels your social media efforts.
  • Data collected from social media campaigns can be used to refine your email list, making it possible to fine-tune targeting and earn better returns.
  • It becomes a wonderful tool for sentiment analysis, as listening to conversations helps you figure out how the recipients are responding to your campaigns.
  • Social + email allows you to conduct a more thorough post-campaign analysis and synthesize better marketing strategies.
  • It increases the ‘wow’ factor of your campaigns, making them more compelling and share-worthy. The resulting reputation enhancement is a huge gain by itself.

Trends in Social + Email

Social media integration with email marketing is allowing businesses to create novel new-age campaigns and get better ROI. Here’s proof:

  • Crocs, the major shoe retailer, is well-known for mixing its social media and email intelligently. It’s using its Facebook and Twitter presence to drive “newsletter-only” offers, which are allowing it to go from strength to strength.
  • Another good example comes from a recent campaign conducted by Dingo—an Ohio-based pet-food company—that offered cash coupons for liking their page AND subscribing to the newsletter. To raise the bar, they stipulated that the offer applies only if they cross 5,000 Facebook fans (previously being at 300) – a difficult-looking target they managed to humble in only three days!

Analysts predict that in time to come, email is only going to get more social and help drive more powerful campaigns. So to make sure that you ride this trend, your social + email strategy needs to be defined now!

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