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By OctaneGo, June 28, 2012 | Tips & Resources

It is said that an email campaign is as good as the list it is sent out to, and that’s why, digital marketers are always looking for ways to constantly improve the quality of their lists. While adding on new subscribers is easy, the one specific area where most marketers struggle is how to segregate the active subscribers from the inactive ones and then how to revive those who have been inactive for a long time.

Now, it’s normal to have inactive subscribers on your list, but it is not a desirable situation since you are not able to interact with or influence these subscribers. This can reduce the value, reach and estimated potential of your list. So is there a solution then that can help trim your list to make it more qualitative? There is! And it is called…

The Advanced Segmentation Tool

We are very pleased and proud to announce the release of Octane’s new feature, The Advanced Segmentation Tool!


This feature has been specially created to make list segmentation easy. It helps create new lists based on user behavior from existing databases that you use for mailing. Segmenting recipients on the basis of their interactivity with your campaigns, this powerful new feature directly helps target the right audience with the right communication! Marketers get the option to create lists based on the following parameters:

  • Ever Opened – Subscribers who have opened your mailer
  • Never Opened – Subscribers who have never opened your mailer
  • Ever Clicked – Subscribers who have opened your mailer and clicked
  • Never Clicked – Subscribers who have opened your mailer but never clicked

That’s it! Within no time at all, you are able to create a new list from multiple existing ones using the built in date range option. The subscribers are now segmented according to their behaviour and you can focus on dispatching specialized campaigns. Campaigns that are tailor made for active users and others that target the inactive ones trying to get feedback on why they don’t interact with your communication anymore.


One Tool, Many Benefits

So then, The Advanced Segmentation tool brings many benefits to the digital marketer. Benefits such as:

  • It helps improve the list quality and also adds the flexibility to modify and refresh segmented lists.
  • It helps your campaigns to be more focused and targeted.
  • It helps increase relevant engagement.
  • It raises the potential for increase in conversation rates.
  • It raises the potential for increased ROI.


The Advanced Segmentation Tool is a product of careful planning and research. Built specially for the modern digital marketer, it provides great flexibility for targeted email marketing campaigns using your existing lists. It’s a feature that is offered absolutely free to all our clients and partners and is available to use now!

You can get more information and details about this incredible new feature here

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