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We are always interested in knowing how to make our newsletters much more awesome. We have discussed how to build the perfect list. Let us say you have all of this in place and more, a great email service provider like Octane too 🙂 but it is still incomplete if you have no mechanism to recapture lost email addresses.Let us take a look at a few aspects:


  • Maximize ROI

Steve Jobs has been fiercely competitive. The Mac OS may have played second fiddle to Windows for long, but now its time for a role reversal. Proof of that is that Windows is on a decline, Mac OS is on the rise, Apple has overtaken Microsoft in terms of market capitalization and also has more cash than even the US government. Also, right after Google bought Motorola Mobility, Apple has decided to not offer certain Google apps on its OS.


  • Cheaper to resell

New sales and opt-ins may seem more tempting and easy, but when you think about it logically, it is cheaper to resell your brand and service to a customer who has bought before. Resell to a customer who has bought before and reduce costs for your business.



  • Create more engaging content

The major reason for a disgruntled subscriber has to be content. The simple reason why your email is not making it to the ‘read’ section of his inbox is because your content might simply not be engaging enough. You may say you have enough engaging content, but take a relook and see whether youare catering to one segment or several segments? Are you alienating the youth for the middle-aged executives? Figure out the optimum mix.


  • Identify optimum frequency

Are you talking to the customer too little or too often? Your inactive subscribers can only be due to these two reasons. If you are sending out too little info, send a bit more. It is easier to lure in such subscribers. Throw in a discount or a freebie and see the conversion rates speak for themselves.

  • Invalid email addresses

Let’s say you implemented all the above steps and identified the loopholes in your strategy also so far, but what about inactive or invalid email addresses?
recaptcha4 Is there any trick in the book for that? You bet, there is. Your best bet in this instance is to add these inactive addresses to your bouncing email address file and run these through an Email Change of Address (ECOA) service, which can provide you with updates for up to 15% of your file on an initial project and up to ~30% of your file over the course of a year.
Re-engaging former customers is significantly less costly than finding new customers and increases your overall customer lifetime value. Email recapture campaigns need to be designed to get your subscriber to back to your website and make purchases again. Trust us, they are completely worth a marketer’s effort. They have the ability to increase customer conversions more than twice the rate of normal campaigns.So, all we would suggest you to do is to first do what you can to recapture your inactives and then be sure to update your dormant email accounts with their current, preferred email addresses before your competition steals your customers away. Increase ROI, enhanced sale figures and more happy customers are a byproduct anyways so keep them Engaged.

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