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By OctaneGo, November 16, 2011 | Tips & Resources

If you may ask, what makes a good email recipient list for an email marketer? There are too many factors responsible:

-A diverse range of responsive and active recipients.
-A good delivery and response rate.
-Strenuous weeks or months spent in building the list.
-A great, secure and reliable email service provider.
-Reliable servers.

All of the above are essential factors that can make or break a recipient list. It just doesn’t stop there; there are other various factors that contribute to an effective list.And we can go on and on about the same, but what also needs to be monitored is- What destroys a good list? Again, there isn’t one perfect answer, but there is one main factor. And the factor that we want to address in this blog post is-Inactive Email addresses and how to get convert them to active addresses once again.

Inactive address: It is an email address that once used to receive communication but now may no longer respond to or view similar communication.

Having defined an inactive email address, let us see what contributes to such inactive addresses and the steps you can take as a marketer to tackle the same.

What leads to inactive email addresses?

  • Uninteresting content: the day your content loses steam, your email marketing campaign will lose legitimate subscribers that you might have built up through painstaking efforts.
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  • Frequency mismatch: Are you sending out too much or too little information about your product or service? Not being able to find the right frequency can impact the list in a negative manner to a great extent.
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    • Unauthentic email addresses: Are you a marketer who is using a particular competition or sweepstakes to lure the customer into the door and get money in the bank? If yes, you are bound to face unauthentic email addresses. By unauthentic we mean, they could be addresses created solely for a particular competition since customers usually do not wish to give out personal information so freely.
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    • Priority Inbox: This is one tool that email marketers are never too fond of. For the simple reason that it screens incoming messages and based on opening rates, it may well park your email at the bottom of the stack in your customer’s inbox.
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    What steps should you take to get your list back on track?

    • Double check: You must have noticed various forms that ask you to enter your email address, and then ask you to renter it. If yes, that is called validation and that is the technique you would also need to implement in your signup form. This would help eliminate misspelled addresses leading to higher active addresses on your email list
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    • Re-validate your list: Once you have your subscribers in place, it wouldn’t hurt to carry out the exercise of combing through the addresses again. The objective of this exercise is to weed out any potential misspelled errors and correct the same through your entire list.
    • It’s not you, it’s the medium: Chances are your customer is no longer interested in the medium that you are adopting to reach out to him/her. That doesn’t mean that he/she is no longer interested in your product or service. You can always try out alternative platforms to keep brand and user interaction at normal levels.
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    • Up your marketing game: If all the above strategies still do not manage to reduce inactive addresses on your list, as a marketer you would need to take a refresh your marketing plan. Make the extra effort to reach out to potential and current customers and generate interest in your brand or company.
    • Hit the nail on the head: As an email marketer, make sure you get the frequency right. You can also revisit your subject lines and make sure they are short and crisp. You can also try reworking the content to get uninterested customers to become interested once again
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    • Inactive means Not dead yet: An inactive email address is not necessarily a dead, worthless email address. Your customer may still be receiving your email into the inbox, reading the subject line yet not opening it. Don’t be too hard on your marketing manager, it is just that attention spans are drastically reducing and most people receive way more amounts of email than they can possibly handle. If somewhere down the line, it still contributes to sales of your product, be rest assured, it’s working although not the way you would like it to.
    • Knock, knock: Last but not the least; ask your current subscribers whether they would want to continue to receive information from you in the near future. This would give you a fair of idea of how your email list is performing and what steps you would need to take immediately.
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    It is not a rocket science to get things fixed, after all it pays to have a healthy, active recipient list and it hurts to have negative bounces and misspelled addresses. It is all a matter of small tweaks here and there to your email campaign, frequency, content, etc. and your click through rates shall be back at usual levels or even higher. So go on and invest a little time in perfecting your email list and converting those inactive addresses to active subscribers.

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