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By OctaneGo, June 29, 2011 | Tips & Resources

Hi guys, in our previous posts we have told you about numerous tricks of the trade. But now lets focus one of the most important words in the dictionary, one that is ever so important for email marketers. Hint-it has three letters. Go on and put that thinking cap on. OK stop, before you go off track, let us tell you that the word we are referring to here is-YES. You want your girlfriend to say it just the same way as a salesman wants a customer to say it. So it more or less is the most important or THE word that makes or breaks a deal. In this post, let’s see how can you get your readers, customers to say yes not just to you and your company’s newsletter or emailer but also your products and services.

1. Invitation
When was the last time an email marketer invited you? Or the last time an SMS read: You are cordially invited? The point here is that marketers have recently lost their focus. They have started treating email addresses as lists that can be bought or sold. The point that they are missing out on is that each address has the potential to become a conversion, but they rarely want to spend too much time on just one individual. That is precisely where they lose out. If you want to people to opt-in and we mean all by themselves, make them feel special. INVITE them!
It is only natural and human that we would rather be asked than tricked or forced. All said and done, we’d rather be given the chance to make a conscious decision than cornered into unconscious choices we end up inevitably regretting. So when it comes to asking someone to join your email or social media Simply invite them and trust that they can decide for themselves what is in their own best interests.
Everyone loves an invitation; everyone loves to feel special, after all man IS a social animal.

2. Reciprocate
Most people, when given a gift, feel gratitude and seek a way to express it. When you give value before you ask for a valuable action, you demonstrate trustworthiness, generosity and commitment. You give yourself a “home field advantage”.
You might stop yourself here to ask How do I give first? Offer something of value in exchange for an email sign-up, social media follow, purchase or other form of engagement that brings you value. This “something of value” can be information, entertainment, education, a chance to win a prize, a free gift or premium, exclusivity, or a solution to a problem. Content marketing, the practice of giving away something valuable in order to sell or obtain something related, works well for almost all organizations because every business or professional is more an expert in their field than their customers, so we all have helpful, relevant, valuable insight we can share.

3. Emotion
We are intellectual and emotional beings both. But marketers seem to ignore this fact very often. The only emotional element one gets to see in an email is a personalized salutation, but sometimes even that is skipped.
As an email marketer, it is necessary to start by making an emotional connection by appealing to basic human motivators – the desire to be safe, to be loved, to be happy, or to be included. The more magnetism, personality, transparency and authenticity you bring to your marketing, the more successful you’ll be in creating emotional resonance in the first place.
People love to buy but hate to feel sold to. When you bypass an emotional connection by going straight to justifications, analytic, numbers, targets, facts and figures, there’s a tendency for people to feel like they are being talking into something rather than being let to decide for themselves. On the other hand, when you create an emotional connection that transcends the mundane email received from XYZ Company you empower your audience to convince themselves of what they want. It’s a fact of life: you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. We all need to choose – anything and everything we do – for ourselves. The true opt-in marketer realizes the power of this and uses emotion to elicit conscious choice.

4. Social Proof
Nothing speaks more than a referral or nothing beats the power of word of mouth. It is more effective than any marketing campaign, easier to implement but most difficult to maintain for a longer duration. Why do you think social media has gained the kind of acceptance it has, because it is driven by exactly these social factors. Peer influence and review holds great credibility. In today’s age of social media, there is endless opportunity (and not excuse not to) gather powerful testimonials, ratings and other “social proof” from your community to increase trust and reliability in your invitations, offers, products and services.
Give life to social proof by including pictures or video of the real people behind the names, and by adding graphics and color to stats or survey results. Allowing your customers to speak for you is far more powerful than speaking for yourself can ever be, so give your raving fans and loyal advocates an opportunity and a place to openly.

Make these four points an integral point of your marketing campaigns from now on and getting people to say yes shall become much easier than you ever thought it to be.

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