How to do spam testing?

By OctaneGo, May 1, 2017 | Tips & Resources

Spam issue occurs due to fault in content which includes subject line, ‘From address’, html content or plain text content and domain name. If you are facing spam issues then you should definitely try the following methods to ensure that your emails land in the Inbox.

No Spam

1. Using the TEST method:

Add the word ‘TEST’ to your subject line, ‘From address’ and to your content and send a test email to your personal email id. If your email is landing in the Spam folder then it clearly indicates that there is some spam content or text which needs to be rectified from either the subject line or ‘From address’ or your content.
Accordingly you can put your original subject line and keep ‘From address’ and content as TEST and then try again. If your email again lands in the Spam folder then either your ‘From address’ or content has some issue.
This time add original ‘From address’ and subject line and keep the content as TEST and then try again, if your email still lands in the Spam folder then that definitely means your ‘From address’ has some issue and you need to make some changes in order to get your mails landing in the Inbox again.

2. Please keep the following in mind for html content:

• Check the links added to your html, avoid 3rd party tracking links.
• Avoid keeping majority of the text in bold or colour.
• Phrases such as offers, discount, coupon code, contact numbers etc. should also be avoided.
• Image file names, html file names etc. should also be carefully chosen.
• Unnecessary html codes should be taken care of.

3. If the above mentioned techniques do not work then chances are that your ‘From domain’ reputation has gone down, and then in that case you should consider buying a fresh domain name or changing your existing one.

‘From domain’ reputation is impacted by the following:

• Usage of 3rd party (purchased) database, where users can mark your emails as spam.
• Abrupt increase in your campaign volume without a prior warm up plan.
• Usage of spam phrases which will land your mails in the spam

The last DIY trick is to use a reputable IP address, because a low reputed or blacklisted IP address can hinder your flight to Inbox.

These techniques will help you combat all spam issues and provide you with a smooth Inbox landing.

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