Getting Started with Pinterest

By OctaneGo, March 21, 2012 | Tips & Resources

It’s been a long time since something generated as much interest as Pinterest has. However, not many people are able to experience its addictive nature on demand as it is still on an invite-only basis (but you can register for an invitation on their website). Pinterest is a great platform for business leads, individual or brand promotion, viral marketing, finding great pieces of content, design inspiration or just spending quality time. That’s why we decided to blog about this unique up and coming social platform this week.

Basic Terminology

Just like “tweets” and “likes”, there is a terminology specific to Pinterest. And that is:

  • Pin: A pin basically means an image, uploaded or shared via the Web. It sticks to your bulletin board (see below) among other ones, forming the traditional home page.
  • Repin: This is more like the “share” feature of Facebook, where people who like your image pin it to their boards, and make it available in their own networks.
  • Board: This is what stores the pins you created or repinned.


Who to Follow

Pinterest allows you to link with your Facebook account and follow people. You can follow either all the boards created by a user, or just one of them. However, the best way to go about Pinterest is thru spontaneous discovery, and that begins by searching for topics that interest you or pinning random pictures that catch your fancy.

What to Pin

There are many things to pin. First off, if there are images you happen to like; the site will customize suggestions for you and give you better search results. Second, you can create amazing images yourself and pin them up on the site. Finally, it is also possible to pin browser bookmarks, videos, and other content items. Also, if enough people re-pin your image, you could go viral!

That’s All?!

In a nutshell, yes. That’s really about it. Pinterest has experienced soaring popularity only because it kept things simple and useful. But there is no limit to the ways in which you can use Pinterest to market yourself or keep discovering creative ideas. The more you use it, the better it’ll get for you!

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