Effective Ways to Use Preheader in your Email Campaigns

By OctaneGo, April 4, 2014 | Tips & Resources

A preheader is the text that is displayed along the subject line when you see a mail in your inbox. When you open the mail, a preheader is present below the subject line and above the text of the actual mailer. It provides more information to the subscriber about the mailer, which may prompt a better chance of an email to be opened by a subscriber.


With this blog we will share with you a few tips on how you can create effective preheaders.

Call to action:

In your preheader share your customer care or support number, so that the subscriber knows that s/he is important and you are present for them when they have any query or feedback for you.


Elaborating the subject line:

Sometimes the subject line is not elaborative enough to give an idea to the subscriber that what the mailer is all about. If you describe a bit about the subject line in your preheader it helps the subscriber know the content of the mailer better.


Safe Delivery option:

ISP’s have become very strict and with just a slight mistake at your end they will black list your email id/IP. To avoid this you can add a request to the subscriber in your preheader to ‘add your email id to their address book’ for safer delivery.


Another Coupon Code:

The details of the offer in your subject line may or may not interest a subscriber. Therefore, to stimulate a subscriber’s interest in your mailer you can give another offer or coupon code in the preheader space.


Zero Pixel Preheader:

There are times you want to write something on your preheader; however you don’t want it to be displayed on your mailer. Here is what you do! You put the text on the preheader in zero pixel font size, which will make it appear in the inbox after the subject line but not in your mailer.


We hope these ideas for different preheaders will help you make better mailers. Please do share your feedback with us on this blog at engage@octanego.com.

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