Dealing with Inactive Subscribers

By OctaneGo, March 7, 2012 | Tips & Resources

Nothing demoralizes an email marketer more than inactive subscribers. It’s like having a roomful of friends who refuse to pay attention to you. What fun it was, you think to yourself, when they first signed up for your campaign! The list was growing quickly, with only the sky as the limit, when a year later most of them have gone dormant and you are thinking of doing something about it. But here’s a trap: most marketers think that because these subscribers are inactive, they are no more needed. This can be a big mistake and you as a marketer need to be very careful that you are doing this for the right reasons.

Let’s look at why your inactive subscribers might not be that active:

  • Response measurement: You definitely had certain parameters in mind when you defined “conversion” for this particular campaign. And that metric may not be how the subscribers are interacting with your campaign anymore. For instance, maybe the list got off the ground be selling New Year gifts, and even though people are not buying gifts anymore, they are reading your emails. Could this be leading you to label them as inactive?
  • Platform woes: Maybe they are on a different device, like the tablet or mobile, where your campaign just doesn’t behave the way it should. If that is so, you need to test and create campaigns for that platform before you call it quits on the “inactive” subscribers.
  • Seasonal responses: It’s possible that the subscribers, or some of them, are waiting for that time of the year when you launch the special offers. This means that in the meanwhile, they had no incentive to interact with your campaign. However, that also doesn’t mean they have deserted you.

Think about it. All those inactive subscribers you were about to axe could actually be a very good thing. Now all you need is a reactivation strategy, which we’ll discuss in another post soon!

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