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By OctaneGo, May 26, 2017 | Tips & Resources

seo-elephant There’s no point of mumbling around the topic, let’s just address the elephant in the room-SEOs.

The internet is flooded with all sorts of fishes and we did some fishing to find out the right salmon for you my friend!

So what is SEO?
“Search engine optimization” is a very fancy term for a very simple task.

SEO is the process of generating traffic from free/organic search results on search engines.

“There is no point of baking the cake in solitude when the entire world is there to share your food.”

And in respect of the above WISE words, here is a simple 4 step guide for you to optimize your website/blog/content so that you can share your skills with the world.

1. Keyword Brainstorming:
Pretty simple! Just sit with your team or with yourself and think about some keywords that according to you will relate to your content. Make a list of those keywords (and do not skip this step)!

2. Keyword Research:
Now this is where it is going to hit hard. After you have your list just go to Keyword Planner.

(Or click here: and this will require you to make an account in Google Adwords. Once you are sorted with this go to tool tab, click on keyword planner and boom! Not really though! A window will appear and this is where you can check your list of keywords.

Now generally you must have been told that a keyword with high competition is the one you should aim for. Well partly right and partly not. If you are a well-established website portal then no one is stopping you my friend…hands down!

But if that’s not case then the RIGHT thing for you is to work SMART and opt for a Low Competition keyword because the goal here is to rank your website/blog among the top 3 searches in Google and that can happen if your keyword is different and unique from your competitors.

Now that your main hero is of LOW competition, for the sidekicks you can strive for HIGH competition.

That means your chosen keywords should be a perfect blend of high and low competition (keeping in mind the above formula).

Once you are sorted with the competition formula you need to shift your attention onto the AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES info. This information is about the clicks that are directed monthly towards the keyword you chose and in this case …THE MORE THE MERIER (or higher the better)!

3. Content Drafting:
Content the Beyoncé (and Beyoncé the Queen). Straight up hands down!

Now this is not a hidden portion that we are going to spill for you here. This is it. If your content is weak then none of this or anything else except for a GOOD content writer can save your blog/website.

The tricky part here is that you have to draft your content according to the keyword you chose and not just anything that wobbles in your mind.

Places you need to include your keywords are:

META TITLE-The Meta title is what is seen by search engine users and it is used by the search engine to help it index the page.

Mobile Consumer India 2017-Octane Research, in the picture is the Meta title (which includes the keyword mobile consumer 2017).


META DESCRIPTION-The Meta description is the short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a webpage that describes its content. The Meta description will then appear under your page’s URL in the search results.

In the above picture,

“Mobile Consumer India 2017, a detailed report on the trends of the mobile users in India for the year 2017” is the Meta description and this also includes the keyword mobile consumers.

ALT TAG-Alt tag is an abbreviation of an alt attribute on an image tag. For any image on your site, the alt tag will describe what’s on it.

Why all this, you ask?!

Because there are GOOGLE BOTS, these search engines crawl the web and look for relevant data (with relevant keywords) and then place them on the top of the Google search engine.

The key here is to make your content RELEVANT and not STUFFED with your keywords.

Now let’s “crawl” onto the last step.

4. SEO Check Up:
Last but obviously not the least, SEO checkup is the process through which you can find out how much is your website/blog page is optimized.

Now that you have the recipe for the tranquilizer, go ahead and tame the beast and score points with your inbound marketing techniques and increase your sales funnel.


Author - Malika Malika Gambhir

Malika is a Summer Intern for Octane and an MBA from IBS-Gurgaon. When she’s not thinking about marketing, you can find her thinking about good food and great music.
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