Benefits of Mobile Marketing

By OctaneGo, May 11, 2012 | Tips & Resources

With smartphones and tablet devices surging ahead in the race of personal computing, mobile marketing holds a lot of promise for businesses. The craft has come a long way from the early days of sending bulk SMS and is all set to redefine the future of digital marketing. For those who are yet to make the shift, here are the reasons you should consider including mobile marketing in your portfolio:

  • Increased engagement: Because people spend most of their idle time on mobiles and tablets—as opposed to PCs, where they tend to do serious work—the potential for engaging users is far higher. This can happen in the form of applications, games or other interactive content that keeps users hooked while getting your message across.
  • Viral potential: Campaigns conducted through mobiles hold a higher potential for going viral. That’s because most smartphones today are always connected to the web and content items can be shared in real-time. Also, mobile content is better tailored towards user experience (partly because of lesser screen-space) and this gives it an inherent creative edge.
  • Utilizing location: Mobile devices are location-sensitive, which is being used to enhance targeted advertising and generating more relevant leads. Apps like Groupon and Foursquare have already made a fortune by leveraging location data while simultaneously giving a boost to local businesses. If you are a location-based service, then mobile marketing will give you the power you could never extract from traditional online marketing.
  • Higher conversions: Mobile apps can be built on top of popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., providing you much more information about who your users are. This leads to much better customization based on users’ profile and interests, resulting in higher-quality conversions.
  • Improvisation scope: And let’s not overlook the astonishing possibilities a mobile device opens up. An app allows you to improvise and come up with something totally radical and amazing, which is usually missing from traditional mailer activities. As an example, consider the practice of sponsoring mobile games, which is a new trend of riding on a game’s success to promote your business or products.

The fast-growing mobile traffic and explosion of interactive applications point to the obvious – mobile marketing is going to take the center stage very soon. As a highly interactive and targeted medium, mobile marketing offers limitless scope for creativity and improvisation, which means great news and opportunities for digital marketers today!

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