All about Autoresponders!

By OctaneGo, May 25, 2017 | Tips & Resources

What are Autoresponders and why are they used?
Autoresponders are pre scheduled emails; these can be a single email or multiple emails in a series. Such responders are triggered post an action by a customer and is used to target, engage and convert visitors to your website.

Where should you use an Autoresponder?
The key to ensure highest results from using autoresponders is to focus on the area where you are losing customers and to find this out you can check Funnel Visualization report in the Conversions tab of your Google Analytics account.

Now, look for the step where you have the maximum number of drop outs. This is the place where triggers get in picture. So, if your customers reaches this step and doesn’t move any further in the next 24 hours then you can send them an Email (be it with an offer or information) so as to make them move to the next step.

When can Autoresponders be effectively used?
Below are the most common ways in which Autoresponders are used:

S.No Types of Autoresponders TRIGGER & PURPOSE
1 Welcome Emails Triggered by Registration on website
2 Transactional Emails Triggered by Purchase of a Product/Service and provide customers a confirmation about their payment
3 Product know-how Inform customers  about the Do’s and Don’ts of the product
4 Cross sell / Up Sell Sent to recommend products to existing customers
5 Birthday/Anniversary The dates are extracted from the web forms data and customers are treated with a discount coupon on any such occasion
6 Customer Survey These are sent to gauge the performance of the product and satisfaction of the customer
7 Customer Behavior based trigger Such autoresponders are based upon browsing behavior of the customers and provide them with more information about the relevant products.
Example: Upon ‘shopping cart abandonment’ customers are sent Emails containing additional discount offer
8 Re-engagement These are sent to win back the customers usually by enticing them with an upgrade offer or new product launch

How should an ideal autoresponder look like?
There is a simple 3 step procedure to an effective autoresponder:

1. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Talk to your customer service department and ask them about the FAQs at this stage.
2. Answer the 3 top most FAQs in your mail directly in a simple language.
3. Provide a clear Call-to-action (CTA) in your mail and do not forget to personalize.

So, now when you know all about Autoresponders, make use of this feature at OctaneGo platform to optimize your conversions. Happy Email Marketing!

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