4 Tips for Creating Successful Mobile Campaigns

By OctaneGo, August 1, 2012 | Tips & Resources

Every digital marketer knows the explosive viral potential of mobile marketing. If you play your cards right, it’s possible to engage millions of people almost overnight. But given how new the mobile space is, not many understand how the turf can be exploited creatively. Here are four surefire tips to give your mobile marketing campaigns a boost:

  1. Exploit Interactive Banners: Banners have carried the weight of web ads for so long that’s it hard to identify them with anything else; but on mobile devices today, it’s possible to use them as a powerful interactive medium. Some companies like Apple have recognized this, and as a result were successful in launching premium advertising and marketing services like iAds. The idea is to make the banners expandable and offer an interactive experience so that users can play around and really absorb the marketing message. These can be easily linked to your website or your email campaigns to take an interested prospect to the next step.
  2. Build An Irresistible Game: If gaming companies and indie developers can have a dream run in the mobile market, why not the brands? The idea is to take the concept of Gamification even further and make addictive games the carriers of the primary marketing message. The play need not be based on the brand’s expertise, but can point to it in subtle, cleverer ways. Games interact with the senses like nothing else; and so, have higher recall value which digital marketers can use.
  3. Overcome Image Blocking: Image blocking is a common feature of email clients and some browsers, both desktop and mobile-based. For campaigns that rely on eye-catching visuals in your ‘made-for-mobile’ mailers, this can be problematic. Thankfully, there are several tricks to work around this problem. For instance, you can begin by making the ALT text more prominent; so users will know they are missing something important. Also, some companies switch to HTML/CSS mode when images are blocked, drawing colored boxes that provide a working approximation of the visual. It’s all about getting creative!
  4. Use Animated GIFs: If you build a truly dynamic campaign and are fretting over the absence of video in your mobile centric pop-up or mailer, then animated GIFs can be a great alternative. Although with email, the size does swell up a bit, the positive result is that the powerful presentational elements grab attention instantly. You can also use them on landing pages and social media platforms, but make sure you don’t overdo them!

So as we can see, mobile marketing doesn’t have to be restricted or focused around SMS. These were only four examples of how you can break through the barriers and create imaginative and successful mobile campaigns. We’d like to hear your views on this. What problems are you facing in your mobile campaigns and how are you planning to overcome them? Let us know in the comments!

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