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De-Coding the Secrets of Email Deliverability
By OctaneGo, June 6, 2012

As digital marketers, we have observed that sometimes, even the most innovative email marketing campaigns can be unsuccessful if the communication fails to reach the intended audience. That is, if deliverability is a problem. Using an email marketing platform (like Octane) ensures only that the emails are relayed from the service provider’s (ESP) server to…

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Reviving Inactive Email Subscribers
By OctaneGo, May 30, 2012

Every email list inherently has a good number of inactive email subscribers – people who once signed up enthusiastically, but since then seem to have lost interest. If this number becomes too high, then it starts having a negative impact on your inbox deliverability and open rates and also depreciates the list quality. As such,…

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Optimizing Web Forms for Conversion
By OctaneGo, May 24, 2012

Whatever the differences in their approach to the world wide web, all online marketers agree on one thing:- their web forms are just not getting the job done anymore. And truth be told, the average user is as scared of web forms as he is of pop-ups. But the reason is not that web forms…

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How to Test Landing Pages
By OctaneGo, May 17, 2012

Search marketers know only too well that while creating a landing page is easy, making one that works successfully, is not. There is no secret recipe to create the ultimate landing page and as such, the best option is to keep testing the pages, making changes you think will work, and then testing again. But…

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Benefits of Mobile Marketing
By OctaneGo, May 11, 2012

With smartphones and tablet devices surging ahead in the race of personal computing, mobile marketing holds a lot of promise for businesses. The craft has come a long way from the early days of sending bulk SMS and is all set to redefine the future of digital marketing. For those who are yet to make…

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Top Mistakes in Web Design
By OctaneGo, April 25, 2012

If someone offered you a dollar for every time a potential customer was turned off by some poorly designed element of a website, you’d be a millionaire within minutes! And yet websites all over the Internet refuse to learn the importance of usable web design. Part of the reason is ignorance, but a part of…

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Blogging Tips for Small Businesses
By OctaneGo, April 11, 2012

Blogging has become a very important activity for businesses these days. Besides being a central point for announcements, a blog is also a powerful tool for long-term marketing and branding. But most small businesses find themselves lacking the required strategy to run a successful blog, resulting in blogs that are ill-maintained, if at all. If…

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Viral Marketing: Is There a Secret Recipe?
By OctaneGo, April 4, 2012

Every online marketer dreams of that perfect campaign that goes viral – a flood of tweets, shares or posts with numbers hovering around a few million. And that’s what makes them flock to the latest craze on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms, trying to figure out what the “secret recipe” is. If you…

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Creating Better Business Pages for LinkedIn
By OctaneGo, March 28, 2012

Despite gaining much popularity over the last few years, LinkedIn remains a highly underrated platform for businesses. So far, individuals have used it to spread word about their skills, network and carve better careers, but there is a goldmine of opportunities for small and medium businesses too, if only they do it right. One of…

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Getting Started with Pinterest
By OctaneGo, March 21, 2012

It’s been a long time since something generated as much interest as Pinterest has. However, not many people are able to experience its addictive nature on demand as it is still on an invite-only basis (but you can register for an invitation on their website). Pinterest is a great platform for business leads, individual or…

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